2 Key Differences Between A Gas Fitter and A Gas Plumber


Great advice on knowing who to call for the right job

If you’ve ever wondered who you should call to install your brand new gas appliances, then this brief yet informative article will make your decision much easier. You’ll discover who to choose the right trade for the job, and save you time by getting the best services the first time.

There are 2 types of Trades who can help you with your Gas work.

  1. Gas fitter- Specialises In All Things Gas

A gas fitter is trained to connect, disconnect and service gas-fitting appliances as their primary focus in business. Some of the duties of the gas fitter include:

  • Installing, repairing and maintaining gas meters, regulators, gas lines and gas appliances
  • Testing and replacing defective equipment
  • Attending to gas-escape calls and assisting in the investigation of gas fires and explosions
  • Advising clients on safety features and maintenance of gas units
  • Converting cars or appliances to use natural gas fuels
  • Reading and interpreting drawings and blueprints

A Professional gas fitter will be licensed and have expertise in the installation of your cooktop, wall oven, upright cooker, bayonetted points and gas BBQs. However they aren’t licensed to do a plumber’s job or any other job.

  1. A Gas Plumber – Specialises in Water and Some Areas of Gas

When you hire a qualified plumber it means they can connect and maintain water and gas supplies to your house, office or industrial building. They can perform gas fitting jobs, the installations and repair of heating and ventilation systems, drainage and roofing.

What this means is a gas plumber specialises in specific plumbing, drainage or water related work, however when it comes to gas they only have basic knowledge.

Bottom Line: The best way determine who is best for your job is to ask you a simple question…

If you’re going to get brain surgery done that your life depends on, who would you rather do the work? A brain surgeon who specializes in just brain surgery for the last 25 years, or a heart surgeon, who can still do surgery, but isn’t specialised?

The same is for your gas work. Would you prefer to trust a gas plumber who CAN do the work, but doesn’t specialise in it, or a gas fitter who has years of experience and can do it with their eyes closed. Because remember, when playing with gas one small mistake can have a dramatic effect.

Take Home Advice: Contact a local gas plumber for specific plumbing, drainage or water related work. However if you require the installation of gas ovens or stoves or moving outlets of gas heaters, call a gasfitter who is specialized in these areas.


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