5 Smart Tips for Organisation


Simplify to Organise

“I can’t find my keys!” “Has anybody seen the remote!” If you live at home with one or more people, phrases like this are probably yelled across the house on a somewhat regular basis. Most homeowners would like to keep things at least a little more organized to help simplify everyday life. If that sounds like you, then here are some smart organizing tips for the entire home.

1. Junk Drawer No More

A great place to start that shouldn’t be too overwhelming is with the junk drawer. Many families have one or more places where odds and ends get stashed. A plastic organizer or filing system can be an easy way to clean up an untidy spot. When everything has an assigned place, it is typically easier to keep things neat.

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Another fantastic project is to de-clutter. Go through the bedrooms, closets and living spaces in your house to identify clothes, toys and other items that you no longer use or really need. These can then be tossed into a donation bin and taken to a local resale shop or be given to friends who might enjoy reusing them.

3. Shelves, Glorious Shelves

When organizing, part of the job is to take things out of the house. But bringing in a few practical pieces like additional shelving can help provide a place for everything that needs storage space. Simple shelves can be built or bought for relatively low cost. Books, pictures, boxes and more will now have a home. And larger shelves in the garage can help move things off the ground into an easy to find and organized place.

4. Get Everyone Involved

Organization is “an integrated process involving all members of the household,” writes HGTV.com. Any organizing plan can fail without support from everybody living in the house. Teach younger family members about the new order or system that you are implementing and lead by example, putting things in their place and picking up the space.

5. Freeing Up Finances

Another important part of financial tracking is to handle loans like a mortgage or a short term loan from TitleMax. By carefully tracking these debts, you can make sure not to lose more money on missed payments or late fees.

A good first step is to reduce the number of accounts open at different institutions. When credit cards and bank accounts are open at several different companies, it is easy for things to become complicated. Instead, try to consolidate your finances at just one bank that can provide everything you need without “juggling and shuffling accounts.”

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