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How to Put in a Drainage System

Get Your Drainage Sorted and Save the Foundations If you have a bad drainage system within your garden or house, it will destroy your landscape. Apart from killing your plants, it also causes erosion, create puddles in your house compound, plus also create frequent flooding that will in the end become a threat to the foundation of your house. For those of you who want to install a basic drainage […]

How to Design a Herb Garden

 Keep Your Herb Garden Simple…Initially The design of a herb garden mainly depends on the requirements set by the owner or its designers, plus the type and variation of herbs you are looking to grow. For a limited area, you can simply design an informal Herb Garden with vegetables, other flowering plants, or even with various types of shrubs and trees. But on thing is for certain, always keep things simple […]

How to Protect your Plants in Winter

Prepare for the Winter Months The snow or heavy frosts starting to cover your gardens maybe a nice view to look at during winter but as the temperature drops, the snow, frost and waterlogged soil will become major killers of most of the tender plants or dormant plants. The protection that you need to give to your plants definitely depends on the weather conditions and also the exposure of your […]

Building a Wooden Wine Rack

The Popular Storage Option for Wine Wine racks are definitely the most preferred and popular method for storing collections of vino, so much so they can almost be found in every single home you visit. The idea of decorating one’s home with wine bottles is definitely appealing to many. But if you can’t afford to buy the expensive wine racks and you desperately need wine storage in your house, building your own […]

How to Install Pavers

Basic Installation of Pavers for the Beginner Pavers are a great option if you have a section of your property you want to access without trapsing mud and grass through your home. Whether you have a shed at the back of the yard, a clothesline at the side of your house, a spa and pool or you simply want to add an interesting feature to your property then pavers may […]

How to Build Your Own Wine Rack

Find the Perfect Wine Rack for Your home For connoisseurs of wine, storage is an important aspect to ensuring that the wines age well. Wine collection is a source of pride for many who atest to knowing their vino. It is important to provide a safe and cool place free from direct sunlight to keep your bottles at their best. If you don’t have the budget or room to build […]

How to Make a Hydroponic Herb Garden

Growing a Herb Garden no Longer Needs to be a Dirty Job Vegetable gardening is no longer confined to having to play around with dirt and getting your fingernails messy with mounds of soil. Many fresh fruits and vegetables that can be purchased from the store these days are grown hydroponically. Hydroponics is growing crops without soil. Hydroponic gardening is a gardening method that does not use soil as its […]

How to Build Wooden Porch Stairs

Getting Started There comes a time when every porch will need to have the stairs replaced. Rather than paying a tradie hundreds of dollars to do the job for you why not learn how to build your own porch stairs. After all there are a million and one better ways to spend your hard earned cash. Building your own wooden porch stairs is not as hard as it may seem. […]

How to Use Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer

Coffee Grounds as an organic Fertilizer Substitute Nothing beats a freshly plunged cup of coffee to kick start your day. But did you know that pouring left over coffee grounds down the kitchen sink can build up over time and block your drains. So what exactly should you do with those excess coffee grounds? Whatever you do don’t just throw them out! Coffee grounds are an excellent organic and cost […]

How to Childproof Your Home

Preparing your home before your baby gets mobile Raising a baby is a busy and stressful time and the first few months can fly by. Before you know it your bundle of joy is on the move and trying to stick their pudgy fingers in places pudgy fingers shouldn’t go. It’s about now that you will want to consider child proofing your home. When planning your home, safety within the […]