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How to Grow Strawberries

The Red Fruit that Just Keeps Giving Everybody loves the sweetness and sourness of strawberries when made into jam, cakes, pudding or even eaten on their own. Strawberries are easy to plant and beautiful for your garden at home. The first fruits usually appear in spring, you can find many types of strawberries that can be planted according to your place and climate. There are several varieties ranging from the […]

How to Harvest and Store Tomatoes

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labour Once you’ve got all the toiling and sweating in the garden seeding and planting your tomatoes, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your hard work pay off when your first tomato fruit emerges. It’s a terribly exciting feeling knowing that you will soon be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour (literally). The next step is to know how and when to harvest […]

How to Design a Herb Garden

 Keep Your Herb Garden Simple…Initially The design of a herb garden mainly depends on the requirements set by the owner or its designers, plus the type and variation of herbs you are looking to grow. For a limited area, you can simply design an informal Herb Garden with vegetables, other flowering plants, or even with various types of shrubs and trees. But on thing is for certain, always keep things simple […]

How to Plant Blueberries in Your Garden

Blueberries Are a Great Asset For Any Garden Having blueberry plants in your garden is a great choice because it is an exceedingly healthy fruit that can provide a tonne of antioxidant goodness to you and your family members.  Blueberries are delicious even when you eat them on their own or along with other foods like cereal, pancakes and yogurt. Blueberry cultivation can be a difficult but fulfilling garden experience. […]

How to Plant Eggplants in Your Garden

A Simply Vegetable to Grow Eggplants are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Eggplants are grown globally and are enjoyed all over the world. There are several types of eggplants. Some of the most common types are the dark purple variety which can almost be black in colour. They are shaped either round or oblong, or can be slender and straight. There are also other varieties which are white, […]

How to Plant Citrus Trees in Your Garden

Homemade Lemonade Anyone? There are many different species of citrus tree. They produce many types of fruits that can be used for a myriad of purposes. Lemons, oranges, cumquats, mandarins, lime, grapefruits and so much more are used in the kitchen as condiments, made into juice or just eaten raw. Instead of relying on the supermarket for your supply of citrus fruits, you can plant some in your garden. They […]

How to Grow a Depression Garden

Recession Proof Gardening The depression garden was once a reality and an important fact in people’s life.  Created during the Great Depression period where every household tried to plant necessary food for survival within the surrounds of their house.  Nowadays it’s purpose is to economise and to provide healthy food for the family such as nutritious vegetables, root vegetables and fruits. Here you will learn how to grow your own […]

How to Grow Hydroponic Lettuce

Nothing Beats Home Grown Veges Hydroponic gardening is a gardening method which does not use soil as its medium. Hydroponic gardening is also where the nutrients used are delivered directly to the plant roots. It is a good method to use if you have limited space for gardening. Lettuce is also easy to grow and requires little maintenance especially when it is planted using the hydroponic method. Let’s not forget […]