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How to fix blocked drains

Unblock drains without the need of a plumber Anyone who shares a bathroom with a person with long hair will at times find that the water gradually takes longer to drain from the vanity sink until it seems completely clogged. Fixing this drainage problem is quite often far easier than you would ever imagine, without a need to call a plumber. In most cases, the problem with the blocked drain […]

Reducing Water Wastage in Bathrooms

Stop Unnecessary Wastage Now Lots of water is wasted in toilets without us being fully aware of it. Some of us don’t even care if we find a little drip of water coming out of the taps. But us being aware of water wastage will help not only us but the environment  in the long run. Keeping in mind that in many other places, water is not as available to many as it […]

How to Install a Shower Extractor Fan

Keep Moisture In Your Bathroom to a Minimum Moisture from bathing and showering can be trapped inside your bathroom no matter where you live. If the moisture is not dried completely and properly, it will create unpleased smells and mildew which can make the cleaning of your bathroom’s tile difficult. You can prevent this problem by installing a shower extractor fan in your bathroom. The extractor fan will help to ventilate the moisture […]

How to Fix a Leaky Bathtub Faucet

Lets Stop That Leak Now Aged faucets are the most likely cause of bathtub leaks and they can be easily fixed by replacing the washer and sealing the valve threads with plumber’s tape. Before you start unscrewing any faucets, make sure you have the water supply shut off or be prepared to face an unwanted waterfall in your bathroom. Also, always use the proper tools when dealing with faucets as […]