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Think You're Ready to Start Home Improvement?

Prepare properly for renovation So you think you are ready to start a new home project. In fact, you’re already researching paint colors and contractors. But before picking out the new flooring, there are some important ways to prepare that are often overlooked. Here are four steps to starting a new home improvement plan. 1. Start with Style Ideas If a remodel is on your mind, then you have probably […]

How to Remove Mould on Antique Wood

Remove Mould on Antique Wood Mold is a serious threat to your antique wood collections and you must always perform regular checks of these collections just to make sure that it is always free of mold before it starts to deteriorate and ruin your antique wood for good. In order to remove mold from infecting your wood collections, you need to have the right products and also use the correct […]

Repairing a gas oven

As with all home appliances, a gas oven can stop working for numerous reasons, leading to the question of should I repair or buy new? Luckily, gas stoves are built in a way which makes them easy to fix, as long as you know what you are doing. You will be a lot better off calling a gas fitter to repair your gas oven than purchasing a new one, as […]

How to Clean Brick Fireplaces

Remove Soot and Residue to Stop Fireplace Deterioration After using your fireplace, you will definitely accumulate smoke created soot that produces stains and residue. These stains and residue are really hard to clean and if you are not careful, you will end up damaging or even discolouring the bricks of your fireplace. You should take note that not all fireplace have the same kind of bricks, some of them comes with […]

How to Prepare Plaster Walls for Painting

Prepare Plaster Walls For Painting Plaster has been around for a long time now and has been in common use as far back as Roman times when a version of plaster was used in many homes.  The reasons homeowners have liked it over the years is because its easily made, cheap and easy to find. Even now, there are people who keep pushing the plaster angle but more for the aesthetic and sturdy […]

How to Repair Cracked Concrete on a Garage Floor

Fixing the Cracked Concrete is Crucial Your cracked concrete could have happened due to: over use, accidents or a natural disaster, but cracked concrete should be fixed as soon as it starts to appear so as to avoid compromising the structure itself.  There are many ways to fix the floor, but it all depends on where it is located; in the house or outside the house. In general, a garage […]

How to Repair Wallpaper That is Lifting

Don’t Worry it Can be Repaired Are you looking to simply clean up the house a bit and fix some of the minor issues which add up to an over all shabby look? Or are you in the serious mode of trying to pull your house together ready for it to be sold in the aggressive New Zealand property market? Well making sure your wallpaper is looking good through minor repairs can […]

How to Install a New Door Handle

Check Your Parts In order for you to install a new door handle, you need to carefully plan and determine all the parts that you need to use. You can lay out all the pieces of your door handle to ensure that you know where it all fits in. Make sure to figure out which screw goes to which part of the handle before you start to screw it to […]

Home Remedy for Mosquitoes in the House

Take the Itch Out Of Your House with This How To There are more than 3,000 different types of mosquito species that exist on this earth. Some are so dangerous that they are the root cause for spreading diseases such as encephalitis, dengue fever, West Nile virus and malaria. Although, living in New Zealand these diseases are not a problem, having a small disturbance from an active mosquito in your home can be a […]

How To Maintain Your Solar Hot Water Heater

Simple Maintenance Will Save You More Money When you use a solar hot water heater, it will capture the sun’s energy and then use it to heat up the water for your house usage. The two basic types of solar water heating systems are active or passive. With proper and simple maintenance, your solar hot water heating system should be able to last for many years and save you lots of […]