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Easy Ways to Makeover Your Garage

Many homeowners find themselves avoid spending time in their garages because they tend to be disorganized, crowded and overwhelming. Instead of avoiding your garage, make changes to the lighting, flooring, doors, work bench and wall mounts. These changes will make it easier for you to find everything that is stored in your garage. You may also find yourself wanting to spend more time there, especially if you have redesigned the […]

How to Erect a Shade Sail

When erecting a shade sail, the first step is to plan the fixing points, to ensure that the shade sail will be erected in full stretch, avoiding sagging, collection of rainwater and flapping in the wind. When calculating where the fixing points should be, add another foot (30 centimetres) to each corner of the sail. A triangular shade sail of 5 x 5 x 5 metres will therefore need fixing […]

Installing retractable awnings

Retractable awnings are more popular than ever, providing the occupants of the house with the choice between sitting in the gentle winter sun and getting much needed relief from the damaging UV rays of the summer sun. In addition to provide shade for windows, awnings are increasingly utilised for creating shade in popular outdoor areas. This post discusses the advantages of retractable awnings and finishes up with a guide on […]

Make your own dog fence

Some dogs have a natural sense of boundaries and tend to stay within the boundaries of the property without needing an actual fence. Other dogs on the other hand tend to be more adventurous and wander in search for cars to chase, mailmen to harass and animals to stalk. To avoid accidents to happen to your own dog, as well as protecting the wildlife and your neighbours, it is necessary […]

How to Build a Brick Paver Patio

Build a Brick Paver Patio By building a brick paver patio, you will cost effectively add more value to your house, but this task will definitely test your patience and take a lot of effort in order to create it the correct way. However, if you manage to plan it well and get some help from your friends (feed and water them for their help as a minimum…or even put […]

How to Install Solar Lights on a Deck

Cost Effective Outdoor Lighting Solar deck light’s an ingenious choice to brighten up your outdoor landscape. Because it’s designed with a photo cell to run the electronic circuit, it does away with the complicated electrical installation and wire exposure. It also automatically turns off during the day and switches on at night. No bills, no frills and eco-friendly. Can anything get better than that when it comes to your outdoor […]

How to Install Pavers

Basic Installation of Pavers for the Beginner Pavers are a great option if you have a section of your property you want to access without trapsing mud and grass through your home. Whether you have a shed at the back of the yard, a clothesline at the side of your house, a spa and pool or you simply want to add an interesting feature to your property then pavers may […]

How to Cover Your Patio

Create An Entertainment Space A patio is where you extend the front portion of your house usually up to 3 to 4 metres long and it is single storied. The patio can be fully covered or partially covered depending on your entertaining preferences e.g. being able to have dinner outside in the summer even if it’s raining. Creating a cover can really extend the living and entertaining area of your […]

How to Build Wooden Porch Stairs

Getting Started There comes a time when every porch will need to have the stairs replaced. Rather than paying a tradie hundreds of dollars to do the job for you why not learn how to build your own porch stairs. After all there are a million and one better ways to spend your hard earned cash. Building your own wooden porch stairs is not as hard as it may seem. […]

How to Build a Gate for a Wooden Fence

Turning Basic Materials into a Fence A driveway gate can be made simply and robustly from a wood or wrought iron structure that can be opened manually or even automatically depending on your budget. No matter what it is made of, it will have a few common things which are essential parts of the gate’s operation. Remember not to leave any spacing or gaps in between the planks when laying […]