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Five Easy DIY Curb Appeal Projects

DIY curb appeal for better savings and satisfaction When it comes to renovating a space in your home, there is nothing like doing it yourself. It’s a win/win, for it puts your personal stamp on the renovation and it saves money. When giving the landscape of your home a makeover, look to these five simple DIY projects to inexpensively and efficiently spruce up the area: 1. Front Door As the main […]

Tips for Installing a Second-Level Deck

Get ready for summer with that next level deck Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. It’s time to pull out the grill and start planning your outdoor activities. You could wear down that same patch of grass in your backyard for your grill, or you could finally build that deck you have been dreaming about for years. Installing your own deck is actually pretty simple to […]

How to build a wire fence

When fencing acreage and rural properties, factors such as design and style normally have to yield for price and functionality. The traditional wire fence is therefore a common sight along rural properties with a large boundary, as acreage owners need to keep horses, dogs, sheep and cows safe and secure within the property boundaries. This post will elaborate on how to best create a rural style fence with either a […]

How to Put in a Drainage System

Get Your Drainage Sorted and Save the Foundations If you have a bad drainage system within your garden or house, it will destroy your landscape. Apart from killing your plants, it also causes erosion, create puddles in your house compound, plus also create frequent flooding that will in the end become a threat to the foundation of your house. For those of you who want to install a basic drainage […]

How to Plant a Lawn

Beautiful Green Grass and Great for Drainage If there’s an empty spot in front of your house on your lawn, cats are more likely to dirty them as we all know they use soil to do their business. To avoid having to clean up their business, why not plant a lawn on that empty spot to give both the yard and your house a pretty look. There are so many […]

How to Install Solar Lights on a Deck

Cost Effective Outdoor Lighting Solar deck light’s an ingenious choice to brighten up your outdoor landscape. Because it’s designed with a photo cell to run the electronic circuit, it does away with the complicated electrical installation and wire exposure. It also automatically turns off during the day and switches on at night. No bills, no frills and eco-friendly. Can anything get better than that when it comes to your outdoor […]

How to Install Pavers

Basic Installation of Pavers for the Beginner Pavers are a great option if you have a section of your property you want to access without trapsing mud and grass through your home. Whether you have a shed at the back of the yard, a clothesline at the side of your house, a spa and pool or you simply want to add an interesting feature to your property then pavers may […]

How to Cover Your Patio

Create An Entertainment Space A patio is where you extend the front portion of your house usually up to 3 to 4 metres long and it is single storied. The patio can be fully covered or partially covered depending on your entertaining preferences e.g. being able to have dinner outside in the summer even if it’s raining. Creating a cover can really extend the living and entertaining area of your […]

How to Re-stain Your Deck

Reinvigorate Your Deck Exposed to weather, and usage, your new deck will one day look worn and tired. You will need to maintain it by: regularly making sure that the area is clean, you don’t store large pot plants in one area for too long (water builds up underneath and rots the wood), the right nails are used and most importantly ensuring you stain it to upkeep the luster of the wood […]

How to Build Wooden Porch Stairs

Getting Started There comes a time when every porch will need to have the stairs replaced. Rather than paying a tradie hundreds of dollars to do the job for you why not learn how to build your own porch stairs. After all there are a million and one better ways to spend your hard earned cash. Building your own wooden porch stairs is not as hard as it may seem. […]