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Five Easy DIY Curb Appeal Projects

DIY curb appeal for better savings and satisfaction When it comes to renovating a space in your home, there is nothing like doing it yourself. It’s a win/win, for it puts your personal stamp on the renovation and it saves money. When giving the landscape of your home a makeover, look to these five simple DIY projects to inexpensively and efficiently spruce up the area: 1. Front Door As the main […]

How to Put in a Drainage System

Get Your Drainage Sorted and Save the Foundations If you have a bad drainage system within your garden or house, it will destroy your landscape. Apart from killing your plants, it also causes erosion, create puddles in your house compound, plus also create frequent flooding that will in the end become a threat to the foundation of your house. For those of you who want to install a basic drainage […]

How to Install Pavers

Basic Installation of Pavers for the Beginner Pavers are a great option if you have a section of your property you want to access without trapsing mud and grass through your home. Whether you have a shed at the back of the yard, a clothesline at the side of your house, a spa and pool or you simply want to add an interesting feature to your property then pavers may […]