Easy Ways to Makeover Your Garage


Many homeowners find themselves avoid spending time in their garages because they tend to be disorganized, crowded and overwhelming. Instead of avoiding your garage, make changes to the lighting, flooring, doors, work bench and wall mounts. These changes will make it easier for you to find everything that is stored in your garage. You may also find yourself wanting to spend more time there, especially if you have redesigned the space to better fit the needs of your family.

Change Your Lighting and Flooring:

If you are planning to work in your garage, it is very important that you have adequate lighting. Poor lighting conditions can cause accidents and injuries, especially when you are working with tools. Consider installing fluorescent lighting in your garage (if you don’t already have it), make it nice and bright. Adding a portable work light to your garage is also smart, especially if you tend to forget your flashlight or are always running out of batteries.

When it comes to flooring for your garage, durability is key, but so is comfort. If you will be working on vehicles or machinery in your garage, consider adding padded flooring to at least part of your garage floor. This will make it much more comfortable to crawl around on the floor when you’re doing mechanical work. You may also want to choose a dark color so that every spot that gets on the floor while you are working is not noticeable.

Consider a Drive Through Garage:

There are many benefits of having a large door on each side of your garage. A drive through garage with automatic gate is great for your boat or RV because you never have to worry about backing out. Another benefit of drive through garage is that it is easy to ventilate and you can let in plenty of natural light. Although there is less wall space available for storage in a drive through garage than a traditional garage, you will probably find it much easier to access the items you need and get them out of the garage efficiently.

Vertical Space and Use of Wall Mounts:

Using the vertical space in your garage is key if you want it to be organized even when you are storing a large number of items. Simple magnetic wall mounts can be added above your workbench for storing metal tools. This frees up drawer space and allows you to easily see which tools are available for use. You can also install wall mounts for your bicycles, garden tools, exercise equipment and other items. It’s best to store like items together so that anyone who enters your garage can easily spot which area they are likely to find what they are looking for.

Don’t Skimp on Your Workbench:

A high-quality workbench is an essential item in any garage. It should large enough that you can easily work on projects and durable enough to handle being abused. You can choose a portable workbench to save space, but many homeowners find these workbenches to be less durable than the workbenches that are designed to stay in place. Make sure you position your workbench in a place where there are as many power outlets as possible. Tasks like charging the batteries for your power tools are much easier if you have plenty of outlets available.
There are several things to remember when you’re deciding on a plan for your garage makeover. The biggest one is safety. Make sure that all of your wall mounts are secure and your lighting is more than adequate for the work you are performing. Another thing to remember is that your garage should be arranged and organized in the way that makes the most sense to you.

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