Factors to Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

When coming up with ideas for your outdoor kitchen, it is important that you think of your kitchen as an additional room of your home. With this in mind, your kitchen needs to have the comfort and functionality like the rest of your home does. Therefore, before buying equipment and coming up with that unique design, you must consider what exactly you want from your outdoor kitchen.

You will be able to make huge savings, if you have and/or are a handyman person and are comfortable making some of those home improvement projects on your own. But when it comes to the electrical, plumbing and gas fittings, avoid any potential disasters, and leave all those jobs to the professionals.

Outdoor Kitchen Construction:

If you want your kitchen to last, you will want it to be constructed/fitted and kept together using all-weather materials. In case the kitchen is to be built on a deck, ensure that the deck itself is made using treated lumber or any wood type that will last.

Majority of outdoor kitchen walls tend to be made using concrete blocks that can be covered with faux stone or masonry veneer. Stone, bricks or stucco are the most common choices.

When choosing the cupboards, you could get modular cabinets which connect together and are also easy to assemble. Lastly choose your island shape, the veneer and countertop for an individualized outdoor kitchen.

Plumbing And Electrical:

If you are including a sink to your outdoor kitchen, it is important that there is a water line that connects to the water supply of your home or that is fed via a hose. Basically, all you will need is cold water line but if you want to be washing your dishes outdoors, then you will also need a hot water line.

Remember also to include sufficient number of electrical outlets. Grill lighting, rotisserie systems and refrigerators among other things are all powered by electricity. The outdoor outlets need to be of GFCI type (ground fault circuit). We also recommend that for the process of electrical installation, you hire a licensed electrician as they are likely to know local codes and will also be able to ensure that your wiring complies with the law.

How Often Do You Intend To Grill?

Should you be planning to regularly use your grill, and you also enjoy trying out new cooking techniques or recipes, it is important to have a grill with sufficient features to keep up with whatever grilling style you may be having. Basic grills may lack the features or power to meet your grilling needs. Also, it is a great thing to have built-in griddles or side burners next to your grill. A side burner helps you easily prepare side dishes or sauces while grilling. However, built-in griddles will add great flexibility to your cooking.

Will You Be Entertaining On A Regular Basis?

It is important that, while still in the planning stages, you think carefully about the type of equipment that you want to have in your outdoor kitchen. When for a crowd; your family and friends, you will want to go for a minimum of 36” grill. A 36’’ (Party line BBQ) grill allows you cook food or prepare BBQ that can feed the big crowd and cuts down on the time you spend next to the grill, so that your dinner parties don’t turn into a all night grilling event for the host. Storage is another big factor, make sure that you have planned for sufficient storage space in the outdoor kitchen. Although most of your cutlery will be in the indoor kitchen, having paper towel holders, trash bins, grilling utensils, some plates and serving dishes are handy. This only is practical, but cuts down on the running between the inside and outside kitchen’s.

Determine Your Budget:

One of the most important things to keep in mind is your budget for your new outdoor kitchen project. If choosing to have an outdoor kitchen that is of premium quality, then be aware that this comes with its own price tag. However, investing in an outdoor kitchen fitted with stainless steel furnishings and marble counters, not only is aesthetically appealing, but long lasting and durable. Still not sure? Outdoor kitchens are a good and practical investment to your home, and add a lot of value (thousands of dollars) to your home should you be wishing to sell in later life.

The actual location of the outdoor kitchen, has a significant role to play in determining the size, shape, components, decor and accessories when considering an outdoor kitchen. If you are putting up a kitchen that is linked to your house, like an underneath patio, you may do with less components in it since you can run inside easily to get things. But if considering building it separately from the home, like by the pool, it will be quite an inconvenience running to and fro in the house to fetch food, dishes etc.

In any case an outdoor kitchen is the not only becoming a fast approaching trend, but also a practical aspect of outdoor entertainment and outdoor life.




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