Feng Shui Ideas for Decorating Your House


Bring The Balance of Heaven and Earth to Your Property

By applying Feng Shui ideas into your home, it is believed that you would be able to create a vibrant aura of harmony, happiness and prosperity within your house. Whenever you make use of these ideas, it is believed that you will be able to create your very own environment that has positive energy which can support your future plans in any specific section of the house.

Not only does Feng Shui help produce a supportive, loving and joyful living environment but if done right it can also give you more flexibility if you ever looked to sell.  So the next time you go to sell your property the options  in terms of buyers you attract to the property (we stress the point here that you don’t want to over do it also, keep a good balance between practical design and harmony) can increase.

To Decorate a House With Feng Shui Ideas, You Need:

  • Create energy or clear map or bagua
  • To use proper Feng Shui symbols
  • Fountains
  • Buddha image
  • Different feng shui art
  • Feng Shui crystals
  • Beautiful crystal
  • Feng Shui coins
  • Three-legged Toad
  • Symbol of phoenix and dragon
  • Goldfish
  • Money tree
  • Open windows and blinds

Decorating House with Feng Shui Ideas

  • First thing that you need to do is to produce an energy map or bagua for your house.
  • The clear map should contain the colors, images and also your furniture’s location within all the different rooms in your house.
  • The clear map will help you to easily create an environment which much more conducive in order to enjoy positive flow of energy in your house.
    • For example, some of the Feng Shui symbols that you can incorporate into your house include Feng Shui fountains, Buddha image and different Feng Shui art.
    • Feng Shui ideas can also help you define and also determine the position of items or furniture in your house in order to provide you with influence of the curing effects.
    • In addition, there are also the Feng Shui crystals which should be properly placed together with the fountain so that you would be able to receive the most excellent effects of Feng Shui aura. A beautiful crystal is considered the symbol of jewels within the room that it resides.
    • For example, usage of Feng Shui coins where people normally wear them as amulets or even keeping them at several places within the house. It is believe that the Feng Shui coins would be able to bring the earth and heaven together.
    • There is also the Three-legged Toad which is the most favorable Feng Shui symbols often used by Feng Shui believers because it could enhance prosperity and symbolizes the power that can help you obtain the unattainable. Other symbol of prosperity includes the symbol of phoenix and dragon.
    • One more tips that you can use for applying Feng Shui ideas into your house is by using the money tree which is believe to be able to generate energy that can attract wealth from as far as the Universe can go.
    • Live plants are considered as a symbol of new life and progression. Plants also can make your eyes feel relaxed and also able to purify the air inside your house.
    • If you find that your plants are not healthy anymore you need to instantly remove them especially if it shows signs of decay or illness.
  • The next step that you can do for decorating your house with Feng Shui ideas is to define proper Feng Shui symbols that you really desire for your home.
  • Among the popular symbols related to Feng Shui is the symbol of wealth,
  • Another good Feng Shui symbol to call for money to your house is by using goldfish which is one of the best energy and also a goodwill symbol.
  • You can also add live plants to your house in order to bring in natural and healthy energy to the house.

Watch Out For Prickly Plants

Make sure that you do not use cacti or other plants that has pointy, jagged leaves because these plants would be able to initiate problematic relationships.

  • You should be able to allow the chi to progress accordingly with fresh air through open windows, blinds or light.
  • Make sure to open up your windows on a regular basis to enable fresh air to go penetrate into your house. A good chi that has been stimulated properly will definitely attract prosperity.
  • In addition, Feng Shui ideas also recommend that for the living room, you need to use a soft yellow and cream color scheme in order to make the area feel quiet, peaceful, full of warmth and also harmonious.
    • The soft yellow and cream color also symbolizes gentleness and calmness.
    • Apart from that, you can also add curtains which can soften the chi energy.
    • You can also make use of a thick rug or carpet to the living room. This will help you to create a more tranquil setting which at the same time would be able to absorb noise.
    • You can also add candles, plus also using lamps that come with energy-efficient lighting so that you can tone down the energy level especially the level of tension mood.
  • To reduce the feeling of stress or time pressure; you should remove all the clocks or even calendars from being displayed in your living room and place it somewhere else so that it could not be seen by anyone else. By doing this, it not only will slow you and your guest down and even enjoys your conversation.
  • You can also add beautiful table design along with your unique silverware which is not only for decorative purposes but also for daily usage.
  • Another Feng Shui idea is for you to add a mirror in your living room so that it would help you to boost positive energy flow in the area.
  • Lighting that install into any of the room within your house also plays an important part to you in order to create a good living environment.

Always remember

Whenever you want to decorate your house with Feng Shui ideas

  • The most important thing to do is to ensure that the room should always be in the centre position or in other words the centre of your area should be treated as geocentric in order to create a sense of airy for anyone who is in the area.
  • It is also suggested that you need to have two doors where it should not be located in opposite position because it will enable the energy to flow out very quickly. You should expect your room would be able to balance all the energy plus also improving on the morale of anyone who is in the room.
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