Five Easy DIY Curb Appeal Projects


DIY curb appeal for better savings and satisfaction

When it comes to renovating a space in your home, there is nothing like doing it yourself. It’s a win/win, for it puts your personal stamp on the renovation and it saves money. When giving the landscape of your home a makeover, look to these five simple DIY projects to inexpensively and efficiently spruce up the area:

1. Front Door

As the main focal point of the home, the front door sets the tone for home’s overall visual appeal. Making a statement with the front door by painting it a bold color such as red, yellow, or blue will bring visual interest to the home without emptying your pockets. Some other easy, inexpensive changes are switching out the old doorknobs for something classier like brass metal or an antique fixture to make it standout from the street.

2. Patio Cover and Deck

A bigger undertaking than most projects, a seasoned do-it-yourselfer can master this remodel easily. Adding a patio cover or deck will not only bring you more comfort when you spend time in your yard, it also increases the value of your home when it comes time for resale. Homebuyers are interested in homes with patio covers, for it makes the yard appear finished, it adds character, it provides shelter from the weather, and it blocks the sun from beating into the house through the windows, which can save money on the electric bill. As a more expensive DIY project, look to InstaLoan or companies of the like that can offer monetary assistance.

3. Walkway Lighting

Low-voltage landscape lighting creates a finished look, while providing safety and security. Fixtures can accent a walkway, a garden, or illuminate the yard when placed in trees or strung across the patio. Additionally, many lightscape fixtures are solar-powered, thus they automatically turn on and off with daylight, saving money on utility bills.

4. Window Boxes

Adding a window box to the home’s windows adds a visual interest, especially for whimsical, cottage-like homes. Window boxes are a lovely asset to the home’s appeal because they are unexpected, yet classy. Plus, adding plants inside of the box adds color and vibrancy to the home’s front.

They can be constructed out of wood and left natural, or painted a deep shade to add even more eye-catching appeal. For even more inexpensive materials, look to use reclaimed wood or recycled appliances from stores like Habitat for Humanity Restore that offers buyers new and gently used items from paint to doors to flooring to any material that was donated to them. Plus, all proceeds go back to the Habitat for Humanity charity.

5. Bring in Color

Landscaping the yard with colorful, drought-resistant plants both adds a welcoming atmosphere to the home and saves you loads of money. Made to survive with little maintenance and water, drought-resistant plants range from long grass like buffalo grass to eye-catching plants like hearty, brightly colored hydrangeas, which can be planted in just a day’s work.

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