Five Kid-Friendly Yet Stylish Home Ideas


You don’t need to compromise on style

Creating a kid-friendly environment conducive to energetic kids is a simple transformation. Because homes do need to be child-safe, many parents believe they have to sacrifice style in order to have a family-friendly home. However, there are plenty of designs that are both stylish and safe for your children.

With these five simple makeover tips, you will be well on your way to a chic home that’s warm, inviting, and perfect for children:

1. Kid Space

A great way to delineate style and parenthood is to have a space dedicated as a playroom for your children. Often times the family or living room acts as the toy room, which can create the family living space to feel cluttered and cramped. Whether it’s their bedrooms or a bonus room, have a space where the kids can store their toys and make a mess.

Even if kids want to play in a different room, there is at least one location dedicated to housing their toys. This way the entire house does not feel like a storage room for a toy store.

2. Family Room

As the most used room in any home, the family room should have a few key features to accommodate both family and style. The first area to transform is the furniture. Stain resistant fabric is a hero to parents everywhere, for without fail, children are often stain magnets. Using a stain-free fabric allows for the space to have a stylish looking sofa without any worry it will be ruined by a good milk spill.

Since most family rooms are where most families live and interact together, it is wise to place the television in a prominent location. Go online at in order to select a family package full of family-friendly movies.

3. Storage

Keep home storage simple by investing in a storage ottoman, storage baskets, or storage built-ins. All three options maintain style and elegance while doubling as secret storage for anything kid related. This allows kids to have their toys, books, shoes, blankets, etc. in a location that is easily accessible for their small stature without overtaking the design of the room. It yields a put-together design without making children feel unwelcomed.

4. Flooring

Flooring is an important design element, for it can cohesively bring the space together. Wood flooring, brick, or tile are great options, for they can be easy to clean, especially when it comes to food spills. On the other hand, carpet is more comfortable and can be stain guarded to maintain its beauty.

5. Personal Touches

Just because there is a child in the house does not mean that the walls and shelves need to be devoid of decor. Simple changes like moving breakable items to a higher shelf and instead placing books, magazines, or non-breakable decor on shelves lower to the ground allows for a beautiful compromise of kid-safety and high style. It’s about adding personality in creative ways like through patterned pillows, curtains, and with color and texture.

For families with kids, design does not have to be either kid-friendly or chic. Rather, combine the two in order to create a homey, warm atmosphere.

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