Five Ways to Save Big on Your Summer Remodel


Don’t break the bank

Summer is the perfect season to undertake big projects, for the days are warmer and the nights are longer. However, no matter what season you begin your big project in, budgeting is always an issue with remodeling. By following a few essential tips, you can easily finish your home remodel project without breaking the bank.

1. Increase Efficiency Instead of Size

Sometimes what is deemed to be outdated or unusable is in fact just inefficient. Kitchen remodels are incredibly expensive, yet a functional kitchen is important to a functional household. Instead of spending thousands on a remodel, look to reorganize and equip your kitchen for maximum utility.

Add an island in the center to increase counter space and cabinet space. Or, add in a portable island that can be brought into the kitchen only when extra counter space is needed. Instead of replacing old cabinets, if they are still in relatively good shape, look to either refinish them or paint them. Colored cabinets are hip right now, and painting the cabinets is less expensive than completely replacing them.

When replacing dilapidated appliances, look to wholesale stores for cheaper options or consider purchasing the floor models. Or, if you are interested in purchasing top-of-the-line appliances, look into Hot Payday and companies of the like who can help you to finance these items.

2. Paint

An old, outdated room can be dramatically transformed with a simple paint job. Through the years, paint can become dingy and dirty, especially in well-lit and well-used rooms. A new paint spruce will give the room a brand new, fresh look without the cost of an entire remodel. As for the outside, the paint principal still applies. A home’s curb appeal can go from tired and boring to vibrant and clean in a matter of days.

3. Details

What truly makes a home is the little details and personal touches within the home. From adding on crown molding, wainscoting, and baseboards to filling the space with unique DIY projects like a reclaimed wood dining room table or pallet board coffee table, a home’s character and value will increase with the interior details. These projects can easily be done on your own, which is much more cost-effective. Plus, the work you do in your home adds a personal touch to the house.

4. Natural Light

Adding in natural light to the home saves money on the electric bill; however, opening up the walls to add in a few more windows can cost thousands depending upon the wall structure. Instead, especially for dark hallways and bathrooms, look to brighten up windowless areas with a “light tube,” which slips between roof rafters in order to funnel outside light into the living space.

5. Flooring

Old, scratched tile and hardwood floor that appears to need to be replaced might in fact just need a good buffering and refinishing treatment. In many cases, nicks and scratches can be fixed with a little elbow grease, which will make the floors look like brand new without dropping thousands.

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