Home Remedy for Mosquitoes in the House


Take the Itch Out Of Your House with This How To

There are more than 3,000 different types of mosquito species that exist on this earth. Some are so dangerous that they are the root cause for spreading diseases such as encephalitis, dengue fever, West Nile virus and malaria. Although, living in New Zealand these diseases are not a problem, having a small disturbance from an active mosquito in your home can be a right pain in the bum…quite literally (not too mention that insistently annoying buzzing sound close to your ear when you know you are about to be bitten by one).

If you don’t want to call in the pest’s exterminator and save some money then the best possible way to control the mosquitoes is by a natural home remedy that you can make. Here are the steps on how to make a special home remedy for mosquitoes.

You Will Need:

  • Citronella plants
  • Electric fans
  • Vinegar

Steps For Inside Your House:

  1. Plant and keep healthy citronella plants at all access doors. These plants are natural remedies as they can chase the mosquitoes away from common entrance points.
  2. Pour plenty of plain white vinegar into all your sink drains and let them to sit for at least 20 minutes before running any water. The vinegar will kill any mosquito inside the drains. Repeat the process once a week after the initial treatment.
  3. Run a couple of house fans on high speed inside your house. According to Michigan State University’s entomologist, they discovered that the fans disperse the carbon-dioxide which is produced during a human exhale and is believed to be a major mosquito attractant.

Steps For Outside Your House:

  1. For mosquitoes outside, check under your house for any standing water. Even a small leak in the pipes may provide enough space for the mosquitoes to live and breed. The protection of the indoor space provides enough warmth for the insects even during the winter.
  2. Get rid of any cluttered objects either inside or outside the house. Cast-off tires, children toys and or materials that are waiting to be recycled are among the culprits for the mosquitoes to make a home. Decorative ponds, non-running vehicles and potted plants could also attract the mosquitoes.
  3. Clean your yard by discarding any waste in the: open spaces, ditches, streams and gutters. These objects will disturb the natural flow of water in the micro-ecology of your property; the mosquitoes will eventually have the space for protection to live a healthy and long life.
  4. During the summer, keep your grass and garden well maintained and not over grown.  This will allow the water to evaporate efficiently, which means it is less able to collect. If there is a vacant lot adjacent to your property, make a report to your local or city services.
  5. Check out your septic systems. Make sure that the waste water never appears on the surface and all the cesspool vents are tightly sealed with fine screens as barriers.


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