Hosting a kids cowboy party


Growing up, there was no better game than playing Cowboys and Indians, and this notion of the lasso swinging horse riding American cultural icon is still popular with boys today, even with the added competition of various superheroes. Some of today’s popularity might also be attributed to the main character in Toy Story, Woody the cowboy. If your child is a fan of cowboys, hosting a cowboy themed party will always be a great hit. Here you will find some great tips for hosting your kid’s next cowboy party.

Dress up old west style

A cowboy party is a perfect excuse for hosting a dress up party, as all you really need is a cowboy hat. The kids will love running around as cowboys with hats, sheriff’s badges and guns blazing. With all cowboy parties, you also need Indians and the bank robbers dressed in black clothes and with a three-day stubble.

Cowboy Invitations

Every party starts with invitations, and even though the best ones are the ones you make yourself, you can be forgiven for outsourcing the design and print by purchasing ready-made invitations. There is a myriad of options of pre-made cowboy invitations, and you can even use Toy Story themed invitations. If you want to design your own invitations, a good tip for design is to create it as a wanted poster.

Cowboy Decorations

You will have a lot of options for decorations, including cowboy hats, Indian feathers, guns, wanted posters, sheriff’s badge and not least the famous snake in the boot. For more inspiration, check out Sassy Kids’ cowboy themed decorations.

Cowboy Games

Instead of the done and dusted party games of passing the parcel and pinning the tail on the donkey, have the kids play some original cowboy themed games. Here is four popular games to include at your child’s cowboy party.

Shooting the tin cans

According to popular culture, the old cowboys used to shoot at old tin cans for target practice. Line up some empty soft drink cans on an elevated plank, and give the kids three shots each to shoot down as many cans they can from a set distance. Use a dart gun with soft darts for shooting with.


Cowboys are also known for throwing their rope lasso over the cow’s head to stop them. Tie a lasso and set up a couple of targets for the kids to rope in. Be creative in finding various targets for the kids to lasso. Your children might have an old rocking horse, teddy or doll that can be used.

Prisoner walk

Pair the children into groups of two, and tie their adjoining legs together at the ankle, acting as a chain used for prisoners. Make the children have a three-legged race around a cone or tree and back to the finish line.

Treasure hunt

The cowboy robbers used to hide and dig their loot down after robbing a bank or jeweler. Make treasure maps detailing instructions on how to locate the treasures. One map can be shared by two or three cowboys. This can also be a great way of giving out the lolly bags.

Cowboy Cake

Some people love spending time creating masterpieces of cakes in different shapes. If this describes you, a cake shaped like a cowboy hat sounds like an exciting challenge. If you are after an easier option while maintaining a cowboy theme, you can search for a suitable cowboy related image, send it to your local edible image manufacturer and place it on a flat rectangular cake.

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