How to Build Wooden Porch Stairs


Getting Started

There comes a time when every porch will need to have the stairs replaced. Rather than paying a tradie hundreds of dollars to do the job for you why not learn how to build your own porch stairs. After all there are a million and one better ways to spend your hard earned cash.

Building your own wooden porch stairs is not as hard as it may seem. This project should only take a few hours to complete once you have purchased all the required materials. To build the perfect wooden steps for your porch follow our easy to follow guide below.

You Will Need:

  • tape measure
  • 2 L-shaped brackets
  • 4 foot square
  • sawdust mask
  • pencils
  • measuring square
  • work gloves
  • 2″x12″ timber
  • hand saw
  • workbench
  • electric miter saw
  • electric drill
  • 1.5 inch wood screws
  • eye protection
  • 3 inch deck screws


  1. First, take the measurements to gauge the width of every step tread, while the depth of the tread is 12 inches. Determine how tall the stairway must rise up to the level of the porch by using the 4-foot square. Then, determine the amount of step that your porch needs. Divide the rise against the exact number of step treads carefully in order to find the height of the vertical support for treads.
  2. Next, connect the stairway carefully to the porch to prepare the stairway supports. Place the riser’s height in the earlier step to the measuring square. Mark the right number of risers and right-angled treads to a 2 by 12-inch board. Cut the angles with a saw.
  3. Make sure to follow the drawing lines and stay with them. Make a single stringer for each 18″ for the width if the stairs. Use a handsaw to cut off the ends of the first stringer, by making sure that the stringers are identical. Make sure the stringer edges are identical to the width of the treads. Continue with the same step for the riser’s thickness.
  4. Then, sever the treads and risers from the wood and carefully attach the stringers to the porch frame. Make the holes using the electric drill for the L-shaped brackets. Fasten at the farthest right and left end of the porch ends with 3-inch deck crews. Securely attach the stringer to the deck from the outward deck and use the deck screws to keep in place.

Finally, connect all of the risers by using the 3-inch screws to fit each of the risers vertically to the stringers. Screw the treads down with a single screw to the stringers. Also for every single stringer support, put a screw in the riser as well.

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