How to Choose the Best Place for Your Wine Rack


Don’t Just Install your Wine Rack Anywhere

So you have just finished your first DIY project for the weekend, creating your very own wine rack. You are obviously going to be very proud of your latest piece of work that is going to lovingly cradle your selection of fantastic Kiwi wines (and from round the world such as Italy). But the job does not finish here, oh no, you need to make sure you are now installing your wine rack in the best possible conditions.

Have a Game Plan

There has been a decent amount of money spent on acquiring your nice collection of wine. To ensure you are not just creating a wine rack and placing your bottles of vino in the allotted slots ready for the next occasion, get a game plan together. So before you go through the below checklist, make sure you know what your options are and if they are going to suit your requirements.

Wine Storage Checklist

So now that you are ready to go, lets start going through the checklist of things you need to consider when setting up the wine rack:

  • Vibrations – Never place wine under the stairs or anywhere near vibrations that can be felt constantly such as under the stairs. This disrupts the sediments in the wine and harms the ageing process.
  • Temperature – Consider the temperature of the storage location. The ideal temperature is around 13°C but if you don’t have the money to splash out on a climate controlled cellar then finding somewhere with limited light and as close to 13°C as possible will suffice.
  • Light – As mentioned above, not only can light create heat (depending on the source) it also can have a detrimental effects on the ageing process. This is particularly the case with white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc
  • Horizontal – Traditionally keeping wine horizontal (generally between an angle of 30 to 45 degrees) is to do with corked wine. The wine keeps the cork moist which avoids shrinking and the inevitable seeping in of Oxygen. But with kiwi’s pioneering the use of twist top bottles that can be either horizontal or vertical this has become more about keeping uniformity of storage then anything else.
Our Favourite Wine

If you are looking for a great wine to keep in your wine rack (but obviously not for too long as it’s a white wine) then our personal favourite is the Cloudy Bay Savignon Blanc.

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