How To Clean Your Sofa Properly


In order for you to start cleaning your sofa, the first thing to do is to determine the requirements of your particular sofa material. A properly maintained sofa can last for many years. You can follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in order to make your sofa look new and fresh, plus vacuuming it once a week and if you have a leather sofa wiping the leather each week will remove dirt and keep the leather looking soft and supple.  It is recommended that you plump up your sofa cushions or even change them from time to time especially if one of the seats is being used more regularly than the others. Below are some of the steps or cleaning techniques in cleaning your sofa properly;

What you need:

  • Vacuum and its hose attachments
  • Shampoo (specific to the couch’s fabric)
  • Rug shampooer
  • Steam cleaner (specific to the couch’s fabric)
  • Rag and cotton swabs


  1. Firstly vacuum the sofa, pillows and cushions using the vacuum’s hose attachments. Also vacuum the arm rests and the back side of the sofa as this is where dust can collect. If your sofa has wooden areas you need to dust the areas between the material and wood using a soft rag and cotton swab.

Vacuum Your Sofa:

  1. If your sofa is still under its warranty period, make sure the cleaning solutions that you use for cleaning it adhere according to the company cleaning instructions.
  2. Before you start any cleaning determine exactly the sofa’s fabric. The fabric tag is normally found under the sofa cushion area. Now you know the fabric type, you can now purchase the correct shampoo to use for the sofa.
  3. Rent a Rug Doctor from your local supermarket or if you have the budget, you can purchase it for long term usage. Then, assemble the shampooer accordingly based on its directions given by the manufacturer. If you are not sure, you can simply test it on a small area of the sofa first, for example, either at the back of the sofa or underneath the sofa.
  4. After you have mastered the art of cleaning with the shampooer, continue to clean the entire sofa. Clean the sofa all in one go as this will prevent the creation of watermarks.
  5. Allow your sofa to dry thoroughly before you reassemble the cushions and pillows back in place.


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