How to Conserve Energy in the Bathroom


Go green in your bathroom as well

With going green being promoted everywhere, we wonder how we can do our bit to preserve the universe, the earth. It is not that difficult, come to think of it. If we can’t afford to purchase things that would help lessen global warming, we can do our bit. Not only will we help to save the environment at no cost but we will also help ourselves.

Change your bad habits

The bathroom is one of the rooms in our house that uses a lot of electricity either directly or indirectly and most of the time, we tend to waste this energy by using them in an inefficient way. Faucets, hair dryers, showers and toilets are commonly found in a bathroom and can be adjusted for maximum efficiency. By using all of these appliances efficiently, you not only save the environment but also your money. Here are a couple of easy steps on how you can conserve the energy in your bathroom.


  1. Make sure that your faucets are in good condition and are not leaking. Leaking faucets will waste a lot of water, even though it is just a drop at a time.
  2. You will waste electricity and water if you are using a hot water faucet because it takes energy to heat the water. In a long term, you will find yourself faced with higher electrical bills and water wastage. So, frequent maintenance towards your faucets is needed.
  3. Rather than taking baths, it is more water saving when taking showers instead. Half of the water from taking a bath is saved by only taking a shower.
  4. Not only you will save water but also electricity. For more efficient water conservation in your bathroom, you can install low-flow shower heads and toilets which save lots of water compared to their counterparts.
  5. When you are using a hair dryer, turn the heat down and use the cooler setting. You can save about half of the electricity when the hair dryer is running at the cooler setting.
  6. Make a habit of turning off the exhaust fan and the light when you are leaving the bathroom.

Start educating your kids on energy efficiency in the bathroom

Parents should take it upon themselves not just to make their children understand and learn ways to preserve our earth but also to save in many ways that they can such as saving water or electricity. It is important for children to know how lucky they are when there are nations that can’t get water or where there is not sufficient energy for people.

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