How to Create a Coffee Table from a Pallet


DIY Reclaimed Wood Furniture: Pallet to Coffee Table

A DIY coffee table from pallet is not difficult to make. It will require an investment of time and a little effort from the individual. However, the results are a unique coffee table that they can be proud of. Some of the things that the individual needs include a hammer, a hand saw, a hand clamp, paint or stain, vanish, a measuring tape, sandpaper, reclaimed wood and a box of flat head nails.

Where can one find the materials for this Do It Yourself Project?

Most of the materials that one needs to make this coffee table can be found in any local hardware store. They can also buy these materials from a home improvement store. However, they will have to look elsewhere for the pallet. One can get a pallet from a pallet yard. There are stores that have shipments of pallets that they do not need. A standard pallet can cost about $8. It is therefore quite inexpensive, and the individual will still use it to make a very beautiful cafe coffee table.

Steps for preparing the pallet table

  • First, you should locate the side of the pallet wood that has the best appearance. A lot of times, the pallet is mishandled during shipping. It could also be branded with company colours or logos. It is better to use the best side as the top of the coffee table.
  • Clean the wood thoroughly before starting the project. This will make the wood even easier to use. After cleaning the wood using a brush, remove all the slats of the pallet using a hammer. Only the centre slats should remain.
  • You can then choose to bond the slats together using adhesive glue, or you can hammer them together using the nails. Use the measuring tape to ensure that the table has the correct measurements.
  • You can use the hand saw to cut some of the slats so that they are of the right length and width. You can take the cross beams that you removed from the pallet and cut them in half.
  • After preparing four cross beams, you can join them to the table as legs. You can nail some of the remaining slats to the legs of the table for extra support.
  • You can then use a top coat lacquer as a finish for the coffee table. You can use sand paper to sand the bottom and top of the coffee table while applying the top coat. This will help the coat to adhere well to the coffee table. Furthermore, it will ensure that the finish is even more beautiful.
  • Always apply the finish lightly and give it time to dry. Apply several coats in order to give the coffee table a nice, matte finish. You can also choose to stain or pain the wood.

A Little Extra Time Goes a Long Way

The entire process of making cafe tables and chairs can be very time consuming. This is especially the case for people who want a perfect finish. However, the end result is worth every effort. The restaurant owner will be proud of the beautiful furniture which they made for their restaurant using reclaimed wood.


About the Author

Mark Long is a restaurant owner who loves cafe tables and cafe chairs that are made from reclaimed wood. His cafe has a stunning cafe coffee table that was transformed from a pallet.

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