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An outdoor barbeque kitchen is an important item for any household to have especially if you always organizing BBQ parties for your: friends,  family, and relatives.  When you are talking about creating an outdoor barbeque kitchen, you need to carefully consider a few things such as: your time, budget, space, and location.  Having an outdoor kitchen that not only looks great but is exceedingly functional  in terms of location and features will give you the flexibility to create good meals whilst entertaining your party guests at the same time.

To Create a DIY Outdoor BBQ Kitchen, You Need:

  • A sink
  • Water supply
  • Drain
  • Electricity (optional for those who want to do night cooking)
  • Outdoor refrigerator
  • A rotisserie
  • Lighting
  • 80 to 90 cms high and 60 cms deep countertop

Creating Your DIY Outdoor Barbeque Kitchen

  • The first thing that you need to consider is the location of your outdoor barbeque kitchen.
    • It is recommended that your chose a location that is near your kitchen.
    • You can also place the outdoor barbeque kitchen near an existing deck or patio. However, you must be extra careful of flammable materials above the area such as trees, trellises and also the patio roofs.

Your barbecuing paradise must be placed in an area where it has a minimal contact with your surrounding elements. It should also be protected against the wind especially when you are doing your cooking.

  • Next thing that you need to do is to add the relevant utilities that you want to use such as the sink, water supply and drain.
    • For those of you who wanted to use refrigerator, a rotisserie along with lighting, you need to provide the area with electricity.
    • You must also take into consideration on how and where all the above mentioned utilities would be routed from your house directly to the newly built outdoor kitchen.
  • Your outdoor barbeque kitchen should be designed for comfort just like your indoor kitchen.
    • It should also include a countertop which consists of at least 80 to 90 cms high plus also 60 cms deep.
  • If you decide to make a large and heavy masonry type of barbeque,
    • You need to have a concrete pad especially the one that uses a steel-reinforced, 10-cm-thick slab poured over a 10- to 15-cm-deep bed of gravel.
    • Most of this large and heavy masonry type of barbeque’s consists of a perimeter footing which is twice the length of the barbeque’s walls along with at least 40 to 45 cms deep which is 15 cms below the frost line.
    • You must make sure to install any rough plumbing or wiring conduit before you start to pour the slab.
  • You also need to consider suitable outdoor kitchen furniture such as multi-purpose islands for preparing your vegetables and also an area for storing your outdoor cooking utensils and pans.
    • You can also consider waterproofed furniture for instance the kitchen’s cabinets, grills, refrigerator, stools, tables or even a long French provincial table that creates a rustic or elegant appearance to the area.
    • Next thing that you need to consider is to keep your outdoor kitchen sheltered and protected from elements.
    • However, shelter is not suitable above the grill area due to the cooking and all the smoke coming out from your grilling activities.
    • Last but not least is the flooring for your outdoor barbequekitchen. Make sure that you install proper flooring and not to use a slick type of flooring such as tile or marble.  Try to use flooring which is not hazardous while you are doing your cooking and easy to move within the area.

The barbeque is a slow cooking method which normally uses wood-based charcoal or wood pellets, chips, chunks or logs in its pit or smoker in order to provide indirect heat to your food on the grate. Slow cooking is suitable for large or tough cuts of meat where the flavor comes from the wood smoke together with your barbeque sauces. Grilling only requires short cooking time or only for a few minutes due to the direct exposure of high heat to the food you are cooking. Most of us would prefer grilling because it is quick and easy and it involves the usage of gas.

Always Remember

That whenever you want to create a do-it-yourself outdoor barbeque kitchen

    • You need to check whether your design and zoning is according to requirements set by the local authority and also having a legal distance from your property lines or even your neighborhood.
    • Permit might not be needed for any outdoor barbeque kitchen’s construction but you may need permits whenever you are installing any electrical or plumbing work into the outdoor kitchen.
    • You must also ensure that your gas grill insert is framed with non-flammable material.
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