How to Decorate and Design a Home Kitchen


Kitchens Are the Heart and Soul

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home which is why it is important to have a good layout to create a well-defined traffic route especially where the zone for you to function as a chef without being disturbed by anyone except a helping hand from a friend. You should always decorate and design your home kitchen accordingly to cater for you and your families needs without comprising too much on the kitchens character which reflects your style.

Thinking about spending a lot of money? You can design your kitchen just by using your existing cabinets and other appliances simply by: changing their colors and textures, adding a few new (or vintage depending on your style) accessories and changing the paint colour of the room. Try to make use of your creative ideas like creating a stand-out backsplash with small eclectic tiles or change the light fittings in favour of well placed halogen downlights.

Space permitting but an island can also be created to break up the function of the kitchen and allow you to cut vegetables or prepare breakfast for your families.

To Decorate and design, You Need:

  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Sweet barkcloth curtains
  • Snappy vintage wallpaper
  • Ecologically friendly bamboo
  • Thick wood planks
  • Terra cotta tiles
  • Colorful throw rugs
  • Mirror backsplash
  • Hand-painted tiles
  • Small monochromatic tiles
  • Themed decor items
  • Plants and flowers
  • Vase and plant pots
  • Kitchen table and chairs

Decorating and Designing a Home Kitchen

  • The first thing that you can do is to choose cabinets which are functional.
  • Then, you can set the color tone of your kitchen.
  • Another thing that you can do is to soften stainless-steel treatments with wood floors and large windows if you have one.
  • In order to create a heavily weathered French-country look, you just need to faux finish your cabinets with appropriate paint. It is recommended that you choose soft golden yellows or sage greens or dusty blues or even cherry reds so that you would be able to create a warm and inviting feel not only to you but also to other people.
  • Your flooring should be functional and retain a certain elegance rather than trying to do too many things with it. Just make sure it fits in with the overall look and works well with the light in the space
  •  Try not to use lino or cheap plastic treatments if you do not have any other material to add to the design such as sweet barkcloth curtains and snappy vintage wallpaper
  •  You can use ecologically friendly bamboo in order to create a soft and natural glow in your kitchen.
  •  For those who love Italian style, you can even use thick wood planks for creating a several-hundred-year-old Italian-villa setting.
Do You Have Granite?

For those of you who have lush granite counter and wood floors, you should be using natural wood stained that comes in shades either from near-black to bleached-blond.

Design Inspiration

Other designs that you can also consider are: stone flooring for timeless rural elegance, subway tiles for an urban look, terra cotta tiles for a Mexican or Spanish touch along with some colorful throw rugs that you can place either below the sinks or at your eating areas.

  • Then, you can install a mirror backsplash so that you would be able to reflect some light in a small dim kitchen.
  • Another decoration that you can make is by using a mosaic from fragments of polished glass or broken china but this technique requires those with slightly more patience than the average DIY person.
  • For those who love traveling out of the country, you can even collect hand-painted tiles during your travels. The painted tiles can be installed on your wall and surrounding it with smaller monochromatic tiles so that you can set each piece apart or separately.
  • If you want to make your backsplash look different, you can simply make segments of tin ceiling for the backsplash ornate. Then use a strip of high-gloss paint to make it look much nicer.
  • If you have lots of collections such as copper pots, family china, North Carolina pottery or crystal water pitchers, you can display them on open shelving.
  • You can also add some contrast antique lighting fixtures using a Lucite table and a long log bench.
  • You should also have enough seating for the whole family as well as having extra stools for emergency usage whenever there are any surprise guests.
  • You can even grow a rambling herb garden near your sink area that faces the window.

Always Remember

That whenever you want to decorate and design your home kitchen

  • If you have purchased an investment property and are looking to renovate and sell quickly then do not spend money on a granite bench, reduce your costs by using formica.  It will not be as nice but it will look good enough for prospective buyers.
  • You can make the kitchen look like a vintage room especially if it is an older house. For this type of classic house you can use cabinetry, appliances, and wall-covering that provides you with vintage flair that you can easily maintain or even customize.
  • You should be using bold colors in order to create a statement in the kitchen area. However, you need to choose wisely and integrate the colors accordingly because it is the area that creates the most impact.



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