How to Decorate Old Furniture


Save Money, Bring Furniture Back to Life

If your house has lots of old furniture and is in need of some serious new colour/look, you can always make like a Frankenstein movie and bring the old furniture back to life.  A great way that you can apply new touches to the old furniture is by adding some unique modern touches such as replacing old draw handles with new ones or sanding back and varnishing old surfaces.

Obviously you can personalize the old furniture according to your own sense of style through out the house especially using colour to complement or bring together the various pieces.

To Decorate Old furniture, You need:

  • Old bedroom furniture
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain or primer and paint
  • Vintage-look fabrics and linens
  • Overstuffed wing chair
  • Braided rugs
  • Stencils
  • Rag
  • Water

Decorating Old Furniture

  • First thing that you can do is transform your old bedroom wood furniture by
    • Sanding the old wood back to the the original surface and then apply a new coat of stain or primer in order to create a standardized look.
    • Once done, you need to leave them to dry thoroughly before you can start to apply another coat of stain or paint.
    • After that, leave them to dry thoroughly and then you can start to finish your stained old furniture using a coat of polyurethane so that it will be more durable.
    • You can also polish the old bed using lemon oil to create its original luster look.
  • If you have antique mirrors, you can place it near the old bedroom furniture and also add some old family photos with black and white color as compliment to the old furniture that you used.

Vintage Fabrics

You can also add some vintage fabrics or linens to accommodate the old bedroom furniture. For example, you can use a soft chenille bedspread along with floral fabric coverings for your side tables.

Get Creative

  • The next step that you can use is to create modern artwork using stencils and paint to transform your old wooden furniture
    • Firstly, you need to prepare the wood by sanding it by using medium-grit sandpaper in order to sand out any rough area that you find on the furniture.
    • Sand the furniture until you feel that the furniture already has a smooth and even surface.
    • Once you have finished sanding, you have to take a damp rag to enable you to rinse off any debris resulted from the sandpaper.
    • Then, you must let the furniture to dry thoroughly.
    • If you like to have modern and funky decorations, you can use white, lime green or even glossy black color as its base coats.
    • Always let the base coat to dry thoroughly before you can start to create your design
    • Take your funky stencils like swirls, large flowers, spirals or diamonds onto the surface of the furniture that you want to paint
    • It is recommended that you choose bright purple, pink, yellow or green color for your design.
    • Next step is to dip a dry paint brush into your chosen color and start to tap the paint brush at the center of your stencil openings and work outward. You can even swirl the brush onto the stencil’s opening.
    • If you want to create another design on different area of the furniture, you can repeat the same technique mentioned above.
    • The decoration that you create using an object that you cut out from an image and then you glue the image onto the surface of the furniture.
    • Decoupage is flexible and it can be used on surfaces like plastic, metal as well as wood.
    • You can use funky type of images that you find in magazines, books, postcards, wrapping paper, psychedelic posters or other paper sources. Cut the images using your craft knife or sharp scissors.
    • Next step is to use a foam brush for covering the back side of your image with decoupage medium.
    • Then, you have to apply your image onto the old furniture’s surface by lightly pressing it.
    • If you notice any air bubbles, you can use a sponge to remove them by working outward from the center of the furniture.
    • Once finished, you need to leave the images to dry completely.
    • Finally, you can finish the task with acrylic polyurethane by applying it at least with three to five coats using a foam brush. After you have finished applying the coats, you need to leave the furniture to dry thoroughly between coats in order to achieved good result.
  • Whenever you want to paint old furniture, make sure that you use only one color to enable the designs that you will create later on, stand out when they are displayed in your room.
    • After that, you can create a border swirls, stars or flowers around the design that you made earlier.
    • Another way of decorating an old furniture is by using the Decoupage technique which is

Always remember

If you want to decorate old furniture or other old furnishings,

  • Try to find old doilies and unused linens available in your house in order for you to make it as covers for your table tops.
  • For old furniture that has drawers, you can clean the drawers out. If you find that there is a musty smell coming from the drawers, you can simply place a few potpourri sachets in the drawers so that it smells nice.
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