How to Dismantle a Brick Wall


Looking For a New Landscape

If you want to create a new landscape within the compound of your house and the area that you have selected has a brick wall standing amidst the area of your project, you can simply dismantle the brick wall on your own. However, there are certain safety pre-cautions that you must adhere to before you proceed. This project  does not require any  heavy construction equipment or even the need to hire a professional contractor because the brick wall is normally not a load-bearing structure and it can be dismantled brick by brick simply by using masonry tools.

If your brick wall is subjected to dirt, debris and other stain-causing materials, you will need to  remove these stains from your bricks before your get started.

You will need:

  • Safety goggles
  • A pair of rubber gloves
  • A dust mask
  • Rolled foam-plastic
  • A wheelbarrow
  • A hand sledgehammers
  • A wire brush and attachment
  • A power drill
  • Scaffolding
  • Cold Chisels
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Water
  • Cement
  • A steel Pan
  • A dumpster or dump truck
  • Large tarps to cover the grounds work area


Safety Gear

Always make it a practice to wear safety goggles so that your eyes will be protected from any dust particles while you are working. The rubber gloves are also important to protect your hands from dust and germs. Make sure to take safety precautions in order to protect yourself from accidents.

Dismantling a Brick Wall

We recommend that you seek assistance from a few friends or family members whenever you want to dismantle a brick wall

  • By having a few helpers around, you would be able to finish the task easier and much faster rather than doing it alone
    • You have to make sure that all unwanted objects are cleared off your work area and far away from the brick wall
    • After that, you need to roll out foam-plastic over the floor or ground. This is to protect your floor from fallen bricks as you dismantle the wall.
    • Always ensure that you wear safety glasses, hand gloves and dusk masks to protect yourself from debris or other flying objects.
    • You and your helpers need to have a chisel along with a sledgehammer
    • Once you are ready, you can start chiseling right onto the mortar joints of your brick wall by using your hand sledgehammer.
    • We recommended that you start chiseling from the middle of the brick wall and not from the top. Chisel around one brick at a time and it must be on the same row.
    • The chiseling task needs to be done around the same row right until you reach the end. Once you have finished doing the chiseling process, you will be able to see the weight of the unsupported bricks on top of the removed row starting to collapse to the ground.
    • Make use of your wheelbarrows to collect all your dislodged bricks when you have started to dismantle the brick wall.
    • The fallen bricks need to be placed into your wheelbarrows. After that, you can proceed with the chiseling process on the next row below the one that already collapse.
      • The chiseling process needs to be done row by row until you reach the ground row.

Finally, you need to clean up all your work area from debris and bricks

  • If you follow the above mentioned steps, your job of cleaning will be easier to do and much faster.
  • If you want to use the area for a new structure, you must make sure to totally clean off the footer of the brick wall and all of the mortar.

Always remember that when you want to dismantle a brick wall

  • You should not start dismantling the brick by starting from the bottom or even near the bottom of the brick wall. This is because the weight is too heavy for the remaining structure of your brick wall to be able to support itself and may result in the entire wall collapsing and causing injuries.
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