How to Get Cigarette Burns Out of a Wood Table Top


Return Your Table to it’s Former Glory

Good furniture is not cheap in New Zealand. We all know that furniture made from wood is the most expensive. If you buy right your furniture can last a lifetime as long as you take the time to look after it.  Accidents do happen and the accident we are focusing on here is if somebody was to  carelessly flick ash from a lighted cigarette onto your wood table or any other wooden furniture.  The cigarette burn will leave char marks and slight indentations on the wood. If the marks are not treated as soon as possible, the table will look distressed and worn out. So, here are the steps on how to treat your wood table from cigarette burns;

You will need:

  • Steel wool
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Paper towel
  • 3 of microfiber cloths
  • Penknife
  • Shoe polish paste


  1. First, you will need to clean the tabletop by wiping it with a microfiber cloth to remove any loose dust, debris and dirt. A clean surface will make it easier for you to remove the cigarette burns.
  2. Then, use a steel wool to rub the burn mark and to remove charred debris. When you are rubbing with the steel wool, follow the direction of the wood grain to prevent scratch marks. Carefully scrape out any embedded debris with a penknife. Be careful not to scratch the wood with the penknife.
  3. Next, smooth the wood’s surface with fine sandpaper by rubbing it on the damaged area. Again, follow the direction of the wood grain. With a microfiber cloth, remove any debris and dust on the wood’s surface.
  4. Coat your scratched wood table evenly with a shoe polish paste using a paper towel. It is important to choose a color of shoe polish that matches the wood table. However, you can substitute boiled linseed oil if you don’t have shoe polish. To make the wood table sparkle and shine, buff the wood in circular motions with another microfiber cloth.


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