How to Grow a Depression Garden


Recession Proof Gardening

The depression garden was once a reality and an important fact in people’s life.  Created during the Great Depression period where every household tried to plant necessary food for survival within the surrounds of their house.  Nowadays it’s purpose is to economise and to provide healthy food for the family such as nutritious vegetables, root vegetables and fruits. Here you will learn how to grow your own depression garden in your backyard.

To Grow a Depression Garden, You Need:

  • Seeds for your chosen vegetables, fruits or root vegetables
  • Compost soil
  • A small quantity of a well-composted manure
  • Minerals or an organic fertilizer
  • Large pots
Rotate Crops

Make sure that you rotate the crops that you want to produce each year. For example, you should rotate the potatoes each year and taken them out of your garden for at least two years before you start to do the planting exercise back to its original area.

Growing a Depression Garden

  • First thing to do is to determine the vegetables, fruits and root vegetables you would like to grown. The options are vast and could include potatoes, onions, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, turnips, strawberries, peppers, watermelons, lettuce, potatoes, onion seeds to name a few
  • You can also start planting seeds before the winter season is over in your area is sheltered especially if you want to plant tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and herbs. After a couple of weeks, you can start to plant seeds of broccoli, cantaloupe, spinach and lettuce. There are also other plants, which are suitable to be planted in your outdoor surrounding like peas, corn and potatoes right after the winter frost is over.
  • The next step is to prepare your garden’s soil
  • You need to turn over the soil
  • Add compost and a small quantity of a well-composted manure
  • In order to improve your soil, you can use minerals or even an organic fertilizer

You can use minerals or organic fertilizer whenever you want to improve your soil level and also ensure that you remove unwanted things from your garden such as rocks, debris or other refuse.

  • As for those of you who have poor soil condition, you should consider growing your depression garden by planting your plants inside pots or raised beds. For instance you can plant a herb container garden or even plant seeds of tomatoes in large pots placed where they will receive lots of sun.
  • This is a great opportunity to involve your kids to teach them gardening skills and also to spend some quality time with them.
  • Once you harvest your vegetables products, you need to preserve them. Here are some examples:
    • To keep tomatoes they should be stored in a can
    • Strawberries can be used in jelly
  • Potatoes can be stored in a cool, dry and dark area within your house to keep them for longer
  • Not only encourage your family, but also your neighbours to create the depression garden. Once you harvest your vegetables, you can exchange some of your crops with different types of vegetables with you neighbours.

Remember to Enjoy it

Although gardening requires work, it is actually an enjoyable hobby. It is worthwhile to think about the bountiful harvest and the blooming flowers that will result from your efforts.

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