How to Install a Door Sweep


Keep Out the Winter Chills

A door sweep protects your home from drafts during the winter season. A cold draft can be uncomfortable but it also means a higher energy bill as there is extra cost towards heating your home. To save money install a door sweep and create a comfortable and healthy home at the same time. The door sweep can be purchased at any home improvement store and can be installed easily with some basic tools. Here are the steps on how to do it.

You will need:

  • Door sweep
  • Heavy duty scissors
  • Drill or screwdriver
  • Hack saw
  • Masking tape


  1. First, take a look at your door’s condition and determine whether you need to a door sweep or not. To find out whether you need one, check the gap between the door and the floor. If there is a gap then a door sweep is ideal. If the floor is even to the door then weather stripping can be attached as a substitute of the door sweeper.
  2. Before buying your door sweep in the home improvement or hardware store, measure the width of your door with a measuring tape.
  3. If your door already has a door sweep but it needs replacing remove the old one before installing the new one. Make sure to remove other hardware on the bottom of the door to prepare for your new door sweep.
  4. Close the door and lock it to ensure that you can install the door sweep correctly. A closed door will help to prevent the door sweep from being hard to shut or accidentally locked later.
  5. Next, place the door sweep and make sure that the metal slip is lined up with the bottom of the door and the vinyl sweep hangs underneath.
  6. You will be able to feel that there will be no draft or air flows coming in to your house if the door sweep is positioned in the correct way. Take masking tape and secure the door sweep to its place.
  7. Use the screw that comes with the door sweep to attach it to the door. If you only have the door sweeper, use ½ to ¼ inch of screws that are the same color as the sweep.
  8. The measurement will help you to choose the correct door sweep when you are going to purchase it. If needed, you can also cut the sweep to the appropriate size.
  9. The sweep comes with parts made from vinyl and metal so use a heavy duty scissors to cut the vinyl part and a hack saw to cut through the metal.
  10. Test the door to make sure it still can be opened, closed and locked. If the door does not function properly, re-adjust the sweep.
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