How to Install Solar Patio Lights


Bring Out the Ambiance with Solar lights

Installing solar patio lights are an eco friendly way to add warmth and beautiful ambiance to your outdoor patio area. It’s not hard and does not require wiring or electrical work. The easy way to make your lights provide the most illumination is by positioning them where they are properly exposed. You can use a combination of ground stake solar lighting, hanging solar lights and pole-mounted outdoor solar fixtures to create a pleasant night-time ambience. Here are the steps on how you can install the solar patio lights on your own.

To Begin Installing Your Lights You Will Need:

  • Solar patio lights
  • masking tape
  • garden stakes
  • pencil
  • electric drill
  • screwdriver


  1. First, select critical lighting areas where there are small steps, edges or corners that cannot be seen in the dark and may cause stumbling. Mark each spot using a garden stake.
  2. Before installation, remove the solar cell from each light. When the solar patio lights are firmly positioned, you can place the cells back in each of the lights.
  3. Space the location of additional lights evenly between the critical areas. Use a garden stake to mark each spot. Place the position for the pole-mounted solar lights on a patio deck posts or an exterior wall. For marking these spots, you can use masking tape.
  4. You have to make sure that each marked position has exposure to sunlight throughout the day. Any foliage that may block the sunrays should be cut or move the garden markers to a more exposed area. Pole-mounted solar light fixture positions may need to be moved to the other side of the post.
  5. Then, remove the marker and dig a narrow hole where each marker was located. Dig a hole that is deep enough to bury one-half the length of the solar light’s stake. Set the stake in the hole and hold it in place. Fill the hole with soil to close the hole and to support the stake. Use your foot to stamp the ground around the stake. Add more soil if necessary and stamp again to hold the lighting stake firmly in place.
  6. Next, hold the pole-mounted fixture bracket in place against the post or wall and mark the screw holes with a pencil. Make holes by pre-drilling them. Screw the bracket into place with an electric drill screwdriver. Attach the fixture to the bracket and tighten up to secure.
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