How to install venetian blinds


Despite being notorious for being hard to dust, the venetian blinds remain popular for creating shade and privacy. Here you will find a guide on how to measure and install the blinds.

Unless you order custom made blinds from a blind supplier, you will need to take some steps to ensure you get the right size from the shops. Measure the width of your window with a metal tape measure before venturing to the shop to make your purchase. The blinds come in various widths, but they normally come in full length, so there is no need to measure the height of the window. If your windows are of a standard size, you will have no problem finding one that will be just shorter than the span of your window. For wider windows such as sliding doors, you may be better off with other shading options such as vertical blinds, or installing 2 or three venetian blinds.

Install the brackets

Position the blinds at the window to mark out where the brackets need to go. You will have the option of installing the blinds hanging down from inside the window frame or hanging from the outside. If possible, it is recommended to install them hanging down from inside the frame. Ensure that the brackets will be level by either using a level or positioning them in equal distance related to the window’s architrave. If you can screw the brackets into timber, either directly into the architrave or the timber studs supporting the windows. For plaster fitting it is recommended to insert some plaster plugs in the right locations first.

Hang the blinds

Open the brackets to insert the head rail of the blinds into the brackets. Close the brackets. Your venetian blinds are now installed, though as you may see in the next step, they will probably need some trimming.

Trim the length

Roll the blinds all the way down. The blinds will in most cases travel far beyond the bottom of the window. Make a mark on the timber slide that is just inside the window frame. Open the brackets again and take the blinds down. Cut the cords keeping the blinds together a few inches below the timber slide you marked. Remove the slides you do not need, including the one you marked. Grab the bottom plate of the blinds you have cut off together with the fastening device that attached the cords to it. Thread the leftover cord from the part you are keeping through the holes in the bottom plate, and attach the cords to the fasteners that will plug back into the plate. You are now ready hang the blinds back up. The blinds should fit perfectly, though you will notice that the chord for pulling the blinds up and down will be far too long for your needs. Let the blinds down to the lowest position and cut the cord at a height where you are comfortable to reach it. Thread the end pieces of the chord back on and tie a knot on the cord.

Child safety

With any loose ropes and cords, there is a chance of accidental strangulation. Attach a bracket for twisting the loose cord around at a height the children cannot reach. You should also keep the warning tags attached to the ropes.

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