How to Keep Your Shower Door Clean


Perfect Environment for Mould and Mildew

The combination of moisture and heat means the shower doors can get dirty very quickly and become an ideal environment for the growth of mold and mildew. Soap scum can build up from the soapy water generated through the normal shower process which is splashed against the shower doors and often never wiped off.

No matter what type of material your shower door is (such as glass, vinyl and frosted glass) the growth of mildew and soap scum still can happen. Among the best and most obvious ways to keep your shower door clean is to do light daily maintenance, combined with a quick weekly and monthly cleaning regime.

Below are some cost effective methods to help you with the regime of keeping your shower door clean and better yet some of the things used can be found in your kitchen;

Things that you need:

  • Vinegar or household bleach
  • water
  • sponge
  • squeegee
  • Windex
  • towel

Weekly Options:

Vinegar – Make a cleaning solution by mixing vinegar or water. The ratio of the cleaning solution is 4 parts of water to 1 part of vinegar. You can adjust the ratio depending on how strong or mild you want the cleaning solution to be. Spray the shower doors inside and out once a week with the cleaning solution.

Bleach – For the bleach and water solutions, mix 1 part of bleach with 10 parts of water. This bleach solution is sufficient to kill most germs and should help kill existing mildew and prevent new mildew from forming. Leave the solution intact for 10 minutes or more. Then, wipe the solution with a sponge.

Monthly Options:

Rinse the shower door with warm water and spray them with Windex once a month. If you previously used bleach, rinse the shower door well before applying Windex. If ammonia and bleach are mixed together, they can result on creating very toxic fumes that could be dangerous to people who smell or inhale it.

Then, wipe down doors from the bottom to the top to dry the Windex. To prevent streaks, you can use a soft cloth towel rather than using a paper towel.

Next, after each shower, run a squeegee on the shower door. This will help to remove any residue soap and prevent water spots and streaking on the doors in between weekly and monthly cleaning cycles.


Make sure to ventilate the bathroom well after each shower. Good air circulating will cut down the chance of mildew forming on the shower door. The chance of mildew forming on your shower door will be lower with the addition of weekly squeegee and the weekly and monthly cleaners.


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