How To Maintain Your Solar Hot Water Heater


Simple Maintenance Will Save You More Money

When you use a solar hot water heater, it will capture the sun’s energy and then use it to heat up the water for your house usage. The two basic types of solar water heating systems are active or passive. With proper and simple maintenance, your solar hot water heating system should be able to last for many years and save you lots of money. In order to maintain your solar hot water heater, below are some of the tips and information that may help you to do this.

What You Need:

  • To know the location of the solar water heater
  • Determine the source of power (gas or electricity)
  • Turn off the heating source (gas or electricity)

Method of Solar Panel Maintenance:

  1. The solar water heater is usually installed in the garage or the basement but always take extra precaution when you are around the heater because you are dealing with dangers such as gas or electricity, very hot water and steam. For a system that uses gas or electric, you will find warnings or labels on the product itself so take some time to reading the instruction before turning off the gas or electricity.
  2. Find the location of the water shut off valve (usually located on the top of the water heater), the pressure release valve (also on top of the water heater) and also its water drain.
  3. First of all turn off the heating source by turning off the gas to the water heater or shutting off the circuit breaker if it uses electricity.
  4. For an active system, periodical checks should be done on the pumps and controllers. Ensure that the insulation that surrounds its wires and pipes connected to the storage tank are in good condition. Also check for cracks, rust or corrosion to the storage tanks.
  5. Clean the tank of tank dirt, sediment, and various minerals that settle on the bottom of the water tank because all this materials will make your water tank rust and slowly eat it away.
  6. Then, turn-off the water, attach a hose to the water drain to finish off the rest of your yearly maintenance work.
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