How to Maintain your Wood Deck


Don’t Just Build a Deck, Maintain it.

A wood deck usually provides you with a nice area for relaxing and will blend nicely with your outdoor surroundings, perfect for summer time entertaining. Most of the building materials in a wood decking are made up of pressure treated pine that can last up to forty years. But maintaining your deck needs to be done regularly because its appearance will deteriorate over time due to receiving direct sunlight and other weather elements, which can make the wood become discolored while the surface turns to be much rougher and prone to splinters within only a few months.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Wood

Better wood treatment and maintenance will make your wood deck more durable and also able to extend its life span. Some of the maintenance methods that you can use are preparation of the deck surface, using cleaning products, sealing of the deck surface, using traditional decking materials and also doing restoration of the horizontal surfaces by lightly cleaning it before reapplying it with a coat of finish. As for the deck’s vertical surfaces, you need not do the restoration process because it weathers much slower than the vertical surfaces.

What You Need to Begin Maintenance:

  • Dry blower
  • Stiff broom
  • Garden Hose
  • Respirator (mask)
  • Goggles
  • Belt sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Deck cleaner
  • Deck sealer
  • Stripper solution
  • Wood brightener
  • Paint roller
  • Roller tray
  • Paint brush

Steps for Maintaining the Deck

First thing to do is

  • Remove all the leaves that you can find on the wood deck. If the leaves are left on the surface and it gets wet when it rains, it will be very hard to remove them.
  • In order to remove wet leaves, you can use dry blower along with a stiff broom so that you can brush off the wet leaves.
  • For removing dirt deposits, you can use your garden hose and spray it with the strongest nozzle.
  • If there is any mold or mildew on ythe wooden surface then clean them off using a deck-cleaning product
  • Make sure to cut off some of the trees, trim shrubs or bushes that is near the infrastructure
  • Remove all the outdoor furniture, grills, tables or chairs away from the deck to other area.

Don't do it in the Rain

Always do your maintenance task on your Wood Deck when there is no rain because the process of cleaning and sealing needs at least three days to finish before you can use it again.

 Make sure you repair any damaged boards

  • Wooden boards that are loose should be nailed or be replaced with new boards.
  • Check for any loose nails, handrails or splinters. If there are lots of splinters, you may need to do some sanding on the deck or on the affected area.
  • Other areas that you should check are the support posts that are under the deck to see whether they are in good condition.

When the need arises for you to do the sanding process,

  • Make sure you sand the entire surface of the wood deck using pole sander enabling you to remove rough edges on the area that have lots of splinters including the sides of your deck that have the same problem.
  • After you have done the sanding process, you will have a nice and smooth looking deck that is free of splinters.
  • Use a broom and sweep off all the sawdust or debris created by the sanding process.

Use a pump sprayer for applying wood stripper onto the deck

  • Cover the wood stripper on the deck evenly.
  • Once finished, leave it to dry for at least 15 minutes before you start spraying the deck with your garden hose

Another step is to apply wood brightener by using a pump sprayer

  • Once finished applying the solution, leave it to dry for at least 15 minutes before spraying the deck using garden hose.

When you finish doing both of the above steps, allow your it to dry thoroughly for 48 hours

  • Then, you need to do the staining process of your deck. Pour your stain containers into a bucket and mix them together with your stir stick until bubbles is form.
  • Pour some of the mixed stain into a roller tray before you apply the stain on the deck with a paint roller. Just apply two or three thin coats of stain.
  • You can use paint brush when it comes to difficult areas such as the railings or steps.
  • Once finished, you need to allow the stain to dry thoroughly for one whole day.

Weatherproofing can also be done for your wood deck in order to protect it from snow, ice, sun and heat.

Always remember that when you do a maintenance task

  • Use clear sealants that allow you produce natural beauty look out of the wood and look more shining than before.
  • Protect your garden shrubs, plants or grass near the wood deck with plastic tarps when you do the maintenance task
  • Wear goggles and respirator as precautions when you are do the sanding task or repairing damaged boards.
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