How to Make a Pet Door Hole at Home


Rejoice Pet Lovers!

Some of us have so much love for our pets that we are willing to let them stay inside the house, and sleep there during the night. As much as this action is sweet and kind, we have come to realise that our pets need to come and go as they please, whether this be for exercise or daily “business duties”.  That’s where the pet door comes in. Not only will your pets be safe inside, your house will be free from unwanted disposals, if you know what I mean.

Now you can make your own pet door hole by yourself easily and without spending too much money. You can measure the door for your pet house according to the size of your pet. If you can’t, simply go to any pet store or hardware store and search a pet door kit that you can do by yourself.

You might want to also put your kids away from your project area because of the sharp tools that you are going to used. 

Things that you need:

  • DIY Pet Door kit
  • Hammer and metal punch
  • Cutting guide attachment (you can find it on hardware store or home improvement store)
  • Pencil
  • Sand papers
Don't Use this Method On Glass

We know this sounds silly but just remember not to use this method on any form of glass door. Get a professional round with specialist tools for that.


  1. First, trace the pet door template at the bottom center of a hollow core door using pencil. You have to make sure that the door does not give access to your deadbolt.
  2. Then, metal punch the corners of the traced area. Drill completely through all four marks by using the cutting guide attachment.
  3. Next, carefully cut along the traced lines with the cutting guide. Make sure that you are cutting through both sides; adjust the depth of the guide cutting if needed according to the core thickness.
  4. Use sand papers to eliminate the rough edges after cutting all four sides and finally install the pet door frame.
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