How to Make a Small Living Room Appear Bigger


It will always be a challenge to implement a design concept to a small living room. A living room, that will always be the main focal point for one’s home, is normally used for get-together as well as for the purpose of entertaining your friends, colleagues or your loved ones. Due to the increasing price of property nowadays, living rooms are becoming smaller especially if you are living in a busy metropolitan city. To create the illusion of space you can apply light paint colors like celery green, pale yellow or cream onto the walls of your small living room before incorporating a few bright colors and bold patterns by adding throw pillows, artwork or a single, small piece of furniture. In order to design your small living room and make it feel much roomier, you can apply all the tips mentioned below along with a few decorating skills that you need to have.

To implement a small living room design, you need:

  • Curtain panels
  • Curtain rods and installation hardware
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Power drill
  • TV wall-mounting kit
  • Large mirror shelf
  • Installation hardware
  • Decorative baskets

Implementing a Small Living room design

The first thing that you need to do is reduce clutter and one way of doing this is through shelving. By using your wall space you can install a media wall where you can place electronic gadgets like a flat-screen TV, DVD’s, and home theater as well as some books or magazines.

  • Make sure that you make a measurement of the maximum amount of space that you require.
  • Then, decide on the narrowest shelves available in the market so that whatever shelves that you used will not protrude into the living room.
  • Ensure that every item is placed in suitable area within the living room in order to reduce clutter.
  • Apart from that, you can also attach a few bold decorative accessories that will result in large statements instead of using lots of smaller items that will clutter a room
  • Always have a design the compliments the shape of your living room.  For instance, for those of you who have a small living room with an L shaped design will need to take extra consideration due to the constraints of the room shape. A key consideration when designing for this type of room is to arrange the furniture based on the way you want to walk within the room. If you managed to do this, your ottomans and coffee tables will not be obstructing you or your families foot traffic giving the room good flow
  • If you have a set of matching furniture you can always break up the living room set and place some items of the set in another room. For example, if you have a sofa along with a love seat located in your living room, you could try to remove the loveseat and a chair to a different room instead in order to free up your floor space. You only need to place your sofa in the living room. If the need arises for you to purchase a sofa, consider a built in chaise lounge that allows you to put your feet up comfortably using minimal space
Quick Tip

Meet up with your local furniture dealer and ask them whether they either have a smaller selection of furniture that fits your room’s parameter or if they can custom build furniture to your measurements.

  • Muted type colors can be use to paint your living room because if you use dark colors, your living room will feel a lot heavier as well as making it look even smaller.
  • Another step that you can take to implement your small living room design is by creating a sense of flow within the room.
  • Sophisticated type of furniture is also suitable for small type of living room.
  • At the living room windows, you can hang curtain panels
  • You can be inspired by the colours that represent wide open spaces such as the ocean or a wheat field.
  • By using light paint colors would be able to create an airy feeling inside the living room.
  • Apart from that, you can also use neutral furniture that can provide more versatility in case you wish to change your design in the future. All you have to do is change the accessories in the room.
  • Use accessories to add personality and interest in a room. You could use lace to create a traditional room or place stainless steel accents if you prefer a more modern look.
  • A large horizontal or vertical mirror can be used as a feature wall in your room. The reflection created through the mirror will create an illusion of area especially if it is placed across from a window or large piece of artwork.
    • For example, if your living room is just near your kitchen room and incorporate the same type of color, you should apply wood finished to both of the rooms in order to make them feel just like a great room when you walk into the rooms.
  • You can also decorate your patio using furniture designed with bright color so that you could draw the eyes of your guests outward.
  • You should only use selected furniture in small living room and you also must make sure that the furniture comes with some special and unique element.
    • For example, choose a sofa designed with shimmery fabric along with a mirrored side table to provide a modern kind of look but yet having an elegant touch.
  • You can also decorate your living room with some expensive items so your small room would not look like a college dorm.
  • Make sure that you place the curtain’s rod just beneath where the top of your wall meets the ceiling of the living room. By doing this step, you would be able to create a sense of height within the room or create an overall larger feeling to whoever walks into the room.
  • You can even add more lights to penetrate the room by choosing sheer to semi-sheer panels.

Always remember

That whenever you want to implement a small living room design you should consider

  • If you do not have any experience or even do not have any ideas, it is recommended that you hire or consult a professional interior designer. You might think that it will cost you a lot in terms of expenses but if you look in a positive way, it can be a positive approach to once the project is finished.
  • If you want to design it yourself, you need to choose a specific home décor theme either by applying modern concept such as Hawaiian or even choosing old glory like Victorian or contemporary theme into the living room.
  • You can also mix two-or more themes segments at one time but this technique requires innovative ideas to implement its concept onto any small room.
  • Instead of using two table lamps, you should use a single floor lamp which is much suitable for a small room.
  • Place a rug right at the center of your seating area in order to create a focal point in the room.
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