How to Make Your Entryway More Grand


Creating a regal space on a budget

The entryway or foyer is the first impression that your house gives to your visitors. Since you can never have a second first impression, you want to make this one count. So if you are looking for the best area of your home to refurbish that will make a big difference on a small budget, look no further than the entryway.

Because it is such a small, simple space, it may seem difficult to come up with new and intriguing ideas to create a space that will make a statement. Because the space has less functional significance than most other rooms in the home, there are actually a lot more possibilities than you might think. Here are some ideas that will make your entryway something to be remembered.

Revamp your staircase

Most entryways are the home to the main staircase of the home. An old, bland staircase can be the eyesore of the home, but there are ways to freshen it up without expensive reinstallation. A circular staircase can be a space-saving, inexpensive option. Find a kit that works with your home’s style and assemble it easily over a weekend.

If you are happy with your current staircase, but it needs some fine-tuning, try a paint job. A popular trend now is to paint the front of each step a vibrant color. You can be even more trendy by using trends like ombre in your paint selection, making each step a slightly different shade of the same color.

Take a second look at mirrors

The next best way to make a small entryway look bigger is to use mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger space. Place one at the end of your entryway to greet guests as they enter. Make a statement by making a wall display of mirrors on a dark-painted wall.

Buying framed mirrors can be expensive, so head to your local flea market or thrift store to find inexpensive frames you can freshen up to fit perfectly with your home décor. Buy inexpensive mirrors and cut them to fit your frames.

Add a statement storage piece

Make your entryway more functional and beautiful with a statement storage piece. The bargain markets will come in handy again here, helping you find a unique piece that can be fixed up to meet your standards.

Be sure to first measure your area before you go out searching, you want the item to fill up only wasted space, not space you use daily. Create personal sections for each family member to keep everyone’s things organized and out of sight.

Get creative with paint

Paint remains one of the best inexpensive ways to update a home. Painting the stairs is one new idea, but simply painting the walls a new color can add life to a dull space. Consider a bright pastel for spring for an entryway with a lot of natural light.

Another unique idea is to paint a runner on your floor, instead of fumbling around a real runner. Clean up becomes simpler and the paint can even hide some wear and tear on your floor.


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