How to Make Your Kid’s Rooms More Functional


Design with function to make your kids’s life interesting

Every child at any age needs their own space to relax, create, play and feel safe. There are many issues that can prevent a child’s room from serving these purposes. Some children have to share a room, making privacy and alone time and issue. Other children have really small spaces that do not allow for the activities they want to do. Many simply have not yet been a part of the design process in their rooms, so the space does not reflect their personality.

Keeping your kids involved in the design process not only creates a better space for them, but also gives your family an activity to look forward to doing and completing. A child’s room should not just be functional, but FUNctional. Bring style and practicality into your children’s rooms by using these ideas and tips.

Use more vertical space

Your children don’t need to be tall to use vertical space in their rooms. Kids not only like to climb, they look forward to it. Take advantage of this by letting them climb up to certain items in their rooms.

One of the most common ways to do this is lofting their beds. Add a fun spiral staircase or ladder to help them get to the top and save even more space in the room. This opens a lot of floor space to be used for playing or storage and is also fun for your kids.

You can also install tall shelving units with ladders or stairs available to help your children reach the tallest shelves. This will help your children organize and keep their floor space clean.

Make clean up more fun

There are few children who enjoy cleaning their rooms, but there are ways to help your kids enjoy the daily process a little more. Utilize chalkboard paint, on a wall or even on storage units, to give your kids reminders and to-to lists. Write a new task every day and give them rewards for finishing.

You can also make putting toys away a game in itself. Put a basketball hoop over a toy chest or put a rock wall next to vertical storage units to make clean up fun.

Create a little privacy

Especially for older kids, privacy can be an issue. This is even more apparent for children who share a room. Give each child a space to call their own. Create a reading nook separated from the rest of the room by curtains to give your kids a place to go to be alone. Utilize partitions to divide the room. You can easily make your own partition and create something unique for each child.

Safety is an obvious concern in this case. You want to ensure some privacy for your children without making them inaccessible in case some issue was to arise. Avoid locking doors or windows and try to avoid glass or any other easily breakable materials in private spaces to bypass possible injury.

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