How to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger


If you have a small bathroom and adding significant space is not an option, you can make minor changes that can add a little space or make it appear larger.

Get the Bathroom Fixtures Right

Standard bath tubs are about 60 x 32 inches. If you have a larger tub, you may consider replacing it. Installing a lower-walled bathtub is also helpful because it will give the illusion of more space.

Another alternative is installing a clear shower door. Removing ornate designs and replacing them with clear glass will remove visual barriers that block the light and make the small room seem cramped.

Another fixture that can take up more space than necessary is the toilet. Wall-hung toilets are much more compact and eliminate wasted space behind it. They also generally use less water. Newer water-saving toilet can cut about ninety dollars from your annual water bill.

Pedestal and wall-mounted sinks will take up less room and make the room appear larger. Suspended cabinets could also give the illusion of space instead of a standard vanity. If you do need a vanity, try getting a small unit. Make sure that the sink lies flush with the counter because this will also help make the room appear larger. A single-control faucet will take up less space than a two-handled model.

A sliding door will also help give more room. If this is not possible, consider turning the door around so that it opens to the outside, rather than the inside of the bathroom.

Lighting Is Important

Use as much natural light as possible. A skylight will add five times more light than a window the same  size and is a great way to save on electricity bills.

Illuminate your bathroom by installing wall cabinets high on the walls and fitting lights underneath them. Paint the ceiling in light, high-gloss paint as this surface will reflect and amplify the rooms available light and make it seems larger. Place light fixtures near mirrors because light will be reflected, again, giving the illusion of space.

Create an Optical illusion

While is it sometimes not possible to add more space in a small bathroom other than possibly tearing down a wall, you can always create the illusion of more space.


Mirrors can add depth to a room. Place a window across from a window because it will create the illusion of an additional “window” in the bathroom or install two mirrors across from each other.

Paint & Wallpaper

Paint the shorter end walls a shade slightly lighter than the longer walls in a rectangular room by adding one cup of white paint per gallon of colour to get the right hue. Add a little more white paint and you have the perfect colour for the ceiling. Use a monochromatic colour scheme that is light and cool for the walls, floors and fixtures.

Simple designs give a less cluttered look to a small bathroom. Wallpapers with too much pattern on them will not work, and stay away from contrasting colours that will break up the space. Vertical patterns will draw the eye upwards and this can be done with the right wallpaper or painting stripes in the bathroom.


Use large tiles in light colours and lay them diagonally to lead the eye away from the walls and make the space appear larger. Use rectified porcelain tile as they are more consistent in size because they are cut after they are baked. Because of their consistent size, rectified porcelain tile can be placed closer together, which will minimize any visual pattern that could make the room look smaller.

If possible, consider skipping bathmats. If you feel they are necessary, choose ones that are lightly coloured–preferably in a colour that closely match your floor covering. Contrasting colours will break up the space and make it seem smaller. The trick is to make everything blend together.

Finally, when decorating it is important that you try to find a way to eliminate as much clutter as possible. Clutter will only make a small room seem even smaller. Recessed or floating cabinets are a good option because they leave visible floor space while hiding clutter.

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