How to Re-stain Your Deck


Reinvigorate Your Deck

Exposed to weather, and usage, your new deck will one day look worn and tired. You will need to maintain it by: regularly making sure that the area is clean, you don’t store large pot plants in one area for too long (water builds up underneath and rots the wood), the right nails are used and most importantly ensuring you stain it to upkeep the luster of the wood .

Prepping the Deck

As always it is important to prep your deck. This is important as refinishing your deck depends on good preparation. Thoroughly clean, strip and dry the wood before you even think about re-staining it.


  • Use a stiff-bristle push broom.
  • Use trisodium phosphate (TSP) or a commercial cleaner.
  • You may not be able to get to the tight corners or crack, but this will work adequately for small jobs. You can also use brush-scrubbing as a less-harsh alternative to power washing.

Strip Old Stain

Use a chemical stripper. This is particularly useful in areas like railings and those exposed to less water. Always make sure that you wear protective gear like gloves, goggles and face mask when handling chemicals.

Pressure Wash the Surface

You can also remove dirt, old stain and debris from the deck effectively with this method. You can also opt to use trisodium phosphate (TSP) with the pressure washer or other deck cleaners for better result.

Bear in mind that you should not spray an area on the deck for too long as it may cause the wood to gauge.

Stain a Deck

Apply the finish once your deck is left dry after cleaning and stripping. Choose the type of finish that you want. Finishes come in clear, tinted, semitransparent, and solid colors. Clear or tinted products usually last just a year or two, depending on the climate. Semitransparent and solid stains last longer.

Quick Tip

You must allow the deck to dry before you apply the finish. Reset popped nail heads using jolt head nails and replace warped or split boards before you begin to stain the deck.

There Are Three Ways To Stain Your Deck:

Use a Roller

You can use a roller attached to an extension handle to make it easier for you to stain without having to bend over. Do not roll more than a few deck boards at a time, as you don’t want to end up with overlap marks. Complete each length before starting the next.

Use paintbrushes for railings and recesses that rollers can’t reach.

A Sprayer

You can cover a larger area quicker and in a much more uniform manner with a sprayer. They also allow you to reach those hard to get places like corners and railings.

You can choose from using power sprayers or a simple pump-type sprayers. Check to make sure that you buy the appropriate finish if you choose to use a sprayer as not all deck finishes are appropriate for sprayer application.

Use a Pad

You should use gel stains if you wish to stain your deck with pads. This is because pads are easy to use without drips or runs. They are also designed in various pad applicators that will allow you to reach difficult spots.

Application process though is longer. You may want to limit pad application to those hard to reach spots or smaller area.

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