How to Select a Suitable Vacuum Cleaner


Narrow Down Your Vacuum Choices

Having a vacuum cleaner in your house is really important especially if your house has a lot of carpet or even when you have other flooring as well as having stairs which definitely needs regular cleaning solutions. Nowadays, there are a lot of different models of vacuum cleaners to choose from, enough that you might even get yourself a little confused when choosing the most suitable for your house.

The first thing that you must consider is whether you like to use an upright or canister type of vacuum cleaner. Different house environments require different types of vacuum cleaners. When you have decided the most suitable type of vacuum cleaners for your home, you might also need to consider other related issues.  For example, you must think about the type of fibers used for the carpet or even rugs that you use in your home, the types of soil surrounding the home, performance, durability, ease of use, filtration, noise level, capacity, storage, features as well  as (and probably most importantly)the pricing.

To Choose a Vacuum Cleaner, You Need:

  • Product Brochures
  • Power Brush Vacuum Attachments
  • Replacement Vacuum Bags
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Vacuum Wands
  • Vacuum cleaners

Choosing Vacuum Cleaner

The first thing that you need to do is to determine whether you want to use an upright or a canister type of vacuum cleaner.

  • Normally an upright vacuum is suitable for cleaning your carpet because it is designed with a revolving brush roll that provides you with agitation along with a motor that provides the suction, plus also enables to turn the agitator or even it may be designed with two motors where one for the suction purpose while the other one is for driving the brush.
  • The upright vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning synthetic (nylon, olefin or polyester) carpeting and or even you could turn off the revolving brush to use it for cleaning smooth floors.
  • As for the canister vacuum, it provides you with versatility but a bit difficult to carry around your house. It is designed with a base unit that contains the motor, dust bag and filter system.
  • You will normally find three types of canister vacuum cleaners where all of them are using a hose, wands and attachments. The only difference between them is only the attachments they use.
  • The canisters can be used for cleaning carpet and smooth floors or even the above floor surfaces.
  • You must also determine whether it is important for you to have a sophisticated filtration system in your vacuums.
  • You will find that vacuums designed with this technology are normally expensive but it provides you with the effectiveness of removing large percentage of pollens and mites from your surrounding environment.
  • When it comes to additional features, go for the ones that provide a level of connivance.
    • For example; caddies, power nozzles, indicators to inform you when the bag is full, air freshener systems, and even having self-propelled uprights.
  • Finally, you need to compare between each models pricing and warranty offerings
    • When you are talking about the most suitable type of vacuum cleaner that you want to use for your house, the price is not that important.  This is because purchasing a higher quality vacuum which is normally quite expensive is often worth the money for you and your family in the long run.
Get The Right One for Your Health

For those of you who have serious allergies, you should look to purchase a vacuum that comes with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. It is also known as S-Class and approved by the British Allergy Foundation’s due to its capability of capturing even the smallest of allergy-causing particles.

Always Remember

That whenever you want to select a vacuum cleaner

  • Remember that the number of amps used by a vacuum is not relevant to the power of the vacuum’s motor.
  • Don’t get caught up in the hype of a gimmicky features or advertising showing that it can suck and hold a bowling ball.
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