How To Stain Your Deck


Staining Deck

Staining your deck has to be done when your deck loses its original color and starts to look worn-out and old. This happens due to the extreme exposure and other elements, a deck can be discolored overtime. Staining your deck is another way to turn your old deck into a new and beautiful outdoor addition to your home. Just think about it; it will most likely look like a new deck and it costs even lesser staining your deck than getting a new one. At the same time, it will provide a good protection to the wood deck. There are many ways of staining your deck; using spraying method is the easiest and quickest of all. Spraying provides an even coating of deck stain rather than if you use a brush and roller. Either way, it\’s the end result that\’s important so be extra careful and patient when getting into this. Here are the steps on how to stain your deck.

You will need:

  • Garden or airless sprayer
  • deck stain
  • painters tape
  • painters tape
  • duct tape
  • plastic or tarps
  • push broom
  • deck cleaner
  • painting pad
  • long-handled roller pole
  • sandpaper


  1. First, make sure that any plants, furniture, grills and anything that sits on the railing has been removed. Use painters tape to tape off the area of the house that attaches to the deck. The tape line will avoid the stain from getting on to the house.
  2. Cover any electrical outlets with duct tape to prevent stain or water from getting into them. Use plastics or traps to cover the plants and shrubs below the deck to protect them from the stain and cleaning agents. Stain will adhere better on the smooth\’s surface so sand any splintered areas of the deck with sandpaper. Sweep the entire deck after the sandpaper process to remove all of the debris and loose dirt. Continue to clean the deck with a deck cleaner.
  3. Fill the deck stain into a garden sprayer or airless sprayer. If you are using an airless sprayer, set the sprayer on a low-pressure setting to minimize the over-sprayer. Some stains will require the deck to be dried or damped before applying the stain so check the label on the deck stain for specific mixing and instructions.
  4. To apply the stain, hold the tip of the sprayer about six inches from the wood. Apply the stain in sections of about 6 square feet at a time.
  5. With smooth strokes, move the tip of the sprayer in a back and forth motion over the wood. Continue to apply the deck stain liberally by working in the direction of the wood\’s grain for even coat.
  6. Next, back brush the deck. You can ask for help in the staining process. As you apply the stain, you need to have someone in handy to standby behind you with a painting pad that is attached to a long-handled roller pole to even-out the stain and prevent puddles of stains.
  7. Leave the stain to dry according to the label\’s instructions. You can apply a second coat of stain if needed.
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