How to Install Solar Lights on a Deck


Cost Effective Outdoor Lighting

Solar deck light’s an ingenious choice to brighten up your outdoor landscape. Because it’s designed with a photo cell to run the electronic circuit, it does away with the complicated electrical installation and wire exposure. It also automatically turns off during the day and switches on at night. No bills, no frills and eco-friendly. Can anything get better than that when it comes to your outdoor lighting needs for those summer BBQ‘s which run into the evening.

What You Need:

  1. A 12 volt power source
  2. Wire – preferably a 12-gauge, UV protected, exterior grade wire
  3. Transformer – choose the wattage output as close to the required wattage draw. A transformer usually can support up to 50 lights

After that, follow the guidance below when you install the lights:

Step 1.    Preliminary steps

Determine the size of your deck to get the right number of lights. Then on a clear day when you are installing the lights, find the direction of the sun so that you can fix the lights upright as they need the sunlight to generate power.

Step 2.    Switch off the electrical current during installation

This is a safety precaution when you’re carrying out the installation. You only switch on the current after you’ve finished the work to test the electricity flow.

Step 3. Read the Instructions

Different brands of lights have differing instructions on your installation. While generally the installation method is the same, some brands may require your extra attention in placing the wires.

Step 4.    Put the switch on

If the switch is inside, the outlet that the transformer plugs into must be wired to the desired switch. The transformer is then placed in manual mode, operated by the light switch.

It’s always nice to get new things for the house. To reward your hard work, you must make sure to maintain the lights by wiping the solar panel occasionally to remove dust and dirt. This will keep the materials in shape and prevent blockage from the sun. When it’s time to replace the spare part especially the bulb, you can easily purchase it at any hardware store.

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