Make your own dog fence


Some dogs have a natural sense of boundaries and tend to stay within the boundaries of the property without needing an actual fence. Other dogs on the other hand tend to be more adventurous and wander in search for cars to chase, mailmen to harass and animals to stalk. To avoid accidents to happen to your own dog, as well as protecting the wildlife and your neighbours, it is necessary to construct a fence to keep the dogs in place. This post is focussing on constructing dog fences on a rural property.

First of all, you need to draw up a plan on which area should be designated to the dog or dogs. Dogs do need some shade, so it is important to have a tree or other fixture where the dogs can get respite from the sun and heat. Depending on the type of dog you have, they will also need a certain amount of space for their daily exercise. Dogs enjoy your company as well. They would love to have a dog proof yard backing up to your house instead of a yard in the paddock located far away from the house.

Post and wire fence

Next step is to attach a post and wire fence on the perimeter of the planned dog yard. Measure up the gate and place two solid posts on either side of the gate. It is important that the fence is tall enough so the dogs cannot jump over it. Attach mesh to the wire fence. The grid size of the mesh should be small enough so that the dogs cannot escape through it. Hinge wire mesh is more flexible than welded mesh, though a large dog should not be able to make a big enough opening to escape through.

The diggingest dogs

What about the dogs who are experts at digging? If your dogs are likely to dig under the fence, it is recommended to purchase some PVC coated mesh rather than galvanised mesh to attach to the wires. Dig the mesh down around 15-20 centimetres into the ground to discourage the dogs from digging under it as a means to escape. The PVC coating will allow the mesh to last longer, as the ground significantly speed up the deterioration process on galvanised fencing material.

Stopping snakes coming in

Snakes can be a big problem for some dogs on rural properties, which forms the need to create a snake proof dog fence. To snake proof your dog yard you need to use very fine mesh that the snakes cannot get through. Also make certain that there are no overhanging trees or other structures the snakes can climb to get over. The mesh also needs to be on the outside of the posts for the same reason. To snake proof the gate, create a concrete strip under the gate and attach the mesh to the gate. The mesh should brush up against the concrete when closed.

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