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Us Kiwi’s Love Our Living Room

In New Zealand there is a trend for light, spacious, modern interiors.   Modern living furnishings are popular especially among the younger generation who often start off living in apartments. Unlike traditional furniture, modern furnishings are much more compact and less ornate making it ideal for smaller dwellings. They are influenced by international trends, offering style and multi-purpose usage. Just with a few accessories and creativity you can decorate your living room with a modern and sophisticated look. Colours are important in creating your modern look and style. You may prefer using the simple combination of black and white or alternatively energetic an combination of color.

To Create Ideas For Modern Living Room Furniture, You May Need:

  • Dark brown or shiny black wood finishes
  • Leather sofas
  • Wood or metal tables
  • Accessories made of metals, glass and/or ceramics
  • Arm chairs, club chairs, lounge chairs and/or love seats
  • Pillows with different colors, fabrics and/or textures
  • Pop art
  • Furniture made of walnut wood

Ideas for Modern Living Room Furniture

  • In order to create urban style dark brown or shiny black wood finishes are ideal
  • Leather sofa’s in plain or bright colours add an element of modernity. Contrast the material with wood tables or metal.
  • You can also create modern mid-century vintage look of past years ranging from the 1940s to 1960s that has a modern twist
  • Other ideas that you can apply to modern living room furniture is to use minimal furnishings for an uncluttered look
  • Metals, glass and ceramics offer clean and simple accents so if you use these material in accessories you can add a modern feel

Be Smart With Space

  • For small sized living rooms, sofas are not recommended as they take up a lot of space making your interior look cramped. The key to modern interiors is a sense of space and light. Instead you can use arm chairs, club chairs, lounge chairs and love seats mixing different sizes, shapes and colours. Place them in the main area of your room such as near a fireplace or television.
  • You can also decorate your space with lots of pillows with different colors, fabrics and textures. You can also make use of pop art to decorate your walls.
  • Most of the furnishings from this errar include sofas made of walnut, chairs and tables also trimmed with walnut along with chrome and glass finishing. Add vibrant colours to add a modern element.
  • As for the walls, you can paint them using pastels or neutral colors so that the focus is on your furnishings
  • This will help you achieve a harmonious feeling through the choices of color, light, touch and movement.

Get All Spiritual

  • Make use of the five Feng Shui elements that include fire, earth, metal, water and wood. For example, the usage of wood decoration can be represented through green while fire can be represented by using candles, fireplaces and lamps. Earth elements can be represented through clay pots and statues, stone tiles and natural stone counter tops. In order to create metal elements, you can use modern colors such as gold silver, white and gray while for representing water, you can decorate a suitable area with a fountain along with black and blue colors.
  • For example, limited the amount of  paintings on certain area on your walls.
  • As for the use of colors, you can choose all white, all black, and all gray as well as using metallic colors.
  • If you decide to add sofas into the room, use sofas that come with one plain color along with the same colored pillows.
  • Other decoration that you can add in to your living room include lacquered woods, a glass vase with one bright flower or even a plain dish filled with fruit or candy.

Always Remember That When You Have the Creation Inspiration

  • You must take into consideration the needs and feeling of the other family members and not only following your own taste.
  • To look for ideas to decorate your living room by reading through interior magazines, books as well as from the internet.
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