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5 Smart Tips for Organisation

Simplify to Organise “I can’t find my keys!” “Has anybody seen the remote!” If you live at home with one or more people, phrases like this are probably yelled across the house on [...]

How to Erect a Shade Sail

When erecting a shade sail, the first step is to plan the fixing points, to ensure that the shade sail will be erected in full stretch, avoiding sagging, collection of rainwater an[...]

Repairing a gas oven

As with all home appliances, a gas oven can stop working for numerous reasons, leading to the question of should I repair or buy new? Luckily, gas stoves are built in a way which m[...]

Hosting a kids cowboy party

Growing up, there was no better game than playing Cowboys and Indians, and this notion of the lasso swinging horse riding American cultural icon is still popular with boys today, e[...]

How to sand your timber floor

There is a common misconception that timber floors will last a forever. The truth is that timber floors have the potential to last a lifetime, as long as they are treated the right[...]