Reducing Water Wastage in Bathrooms


Stop Unnecessary Wastage Now

Lots of water is wasted in toilets without us being fully aware of it. Some of us don’t even care if we find a little drip of water coming out of the taps. But us being aware of water wastage will help not only us but the environment  in the long run. Keeping in mind that in many other places, water is not as available to many as it is available freely to us.  If we carefully manage water usage in toilets we will go a long way into saving water.

Let’s start by fixing the place where we are likely to use the most in a day and inadvertently/unnecessarily waste the most – the bathroom/toilet.  Some people have their baths attached to their toilets while some have their showers separated from the toilets. Whatever the situation is, let’s get started on how we can save water in both places. To achieve this you must use a dual flush toilet which will help you save about 20% of your household water.

By Flushes

If compared to other types or older toilets one single flush can use 9 litres of water, whereas a dual flush toilet uses 2 to 5 litres of water. Now just imagine how many times in a day a person uses a toilet and how much water can be saved by using the dual flush toilet. According to an analysis by Ecological Agency is that the common domestic toilet is used 5 times a day, with 4 uses requiring a short flush and 1 use requiring a long flush. By using a dual flush will help save about 35 to 40 litres per day. That is how dual flush toilet with a smaller cistern is one of the best ways of reducing water wastage.

Technology Improvement

Thanks to the application of the latest technology in bathrooms which prevents the cistern from filling up with water before the flush is complete, water reduction becomes more achievable  This means that no further water is wasted on unnecessary flushes as the cistern will be empty.

If you do not have a dual flush system then you can find conversion kits so you do not need to go out and buy a new toilet simply to reduce water wastage. Save money, save the environment, happy days.

Still Looking for More Info

In New Zealand we are realtively proactive in taking care of our natural resource but if you need more info then please check out Watercare.

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