Repairing a gas oven


As with all home appliances, a gas oven can stop working for numerous reasons, leading to the question of should I repair or buy new? Luckily, gas stoves are built in a way which makes them easy to fix, as long as you know what you are doing. You will be a lot better off calling a gas fitter to repair your gas oven than purchasing a new one, as you will probably need help from the gas fitter anyway to install the new one. Here are some of the most common issues of malfunctioning gas ovens. If purchasing spare parts for your oven, ensure you take a note of the brand and model number when inquiring at an appliance spare parts store. If you intend to carry out your own repairs on your gas stove, ensure that you turn off the power and close the gas valve.

Oven not heating enough

If the oven is getting hot, but not hot enough, it is most likely due to hot air escaping the oven through a faulty gasket in the door or a faulty thermostat. Check to see if the gasket seals properly all around the oven and that it has no cracks in it. This is a quick fix that you could easily do yourself. Locate the correct replacement part, remove the old gasket and replace it with the new one.

If the thermostat is faulty, check which temperature the oven yields compared to what it is intended. Place an oven thermometer in the oven at a temperature between 150 and 200 degrees Celsius for about 15 minutes. Make a note of how many degrees the temperature is off with compared to the control, as you might need to calibrate the thermostat by. Locate the thermostat and pull the knob off it. Using a screwdriver, slightly loosen the two screws holding a notched plate in place. Use the flathead screwdriver to gently twist the plate counter clockwise to increase heat and clockwise to decrease the heat.

If the thermostat is completely faulty, you may need to replace it altogether. Another problem may lie with the oven setting control. To get to this, you will need to either remove the front or the back panel of the oven. If it is faulty, you will need to replace the control altogether.

The gas does not ignite

One of the most common problems with gas stoves and ovens is when the gas does not ignite. You will probably still hear the ignition clicking, but without creating a spark. The problem can often be a result of the burners having been clogged by food spilt on the cooktop. Remove the burner from the cooktop and soak it in water with mild detergent. Clean it with a cloth. Replace the burner when it has dried.

Turn the gas and power back on and attempt to ignite the gas. If it still does not ignite, you may want to call a gas fitter, as you will need to disassemble the gas cooktop a bit to reveal the ignition system. You will most likely have to replace the whole ignition system. One-eighth of a turn alters the temperature of about 10 degrees. Tighten the screws up again and test the temperature again.

If you are still struggling with your gas oven, I suggest you contact your local gas fitter for help.

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