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How to Design a Herb Garden

 Keep Your Herb Garden Simple…Initially The design of a herb garden mainly depends on the requirements set by the owner or its designers, plus the type and variation of herbs you are looking to grow. For a limited area, you can simply design an informal Herb Garden with vegetables, other flowering plants, or even with various types of shrubs and trees. But on thing is for certain, always keep things simple […]

How to Build a Brick Paver Patio

Build a Brick Paver Patio By building a brick paver patio, you will cost effectively add more value to your house, but this task will definitely test your patience and take a lot of effort in order to create it the correct way. However, if you manage to plan it well and get some help from your friends (feed and water them for their help as a minimum…or even put […]

How to Plant Blueberries in Your Garden

Blueberries Are a Great Asset For Any Garden Having blueberry plants in your garden is a great choice because it is an exceedingly healthy fruit that can provide a tonne of antioxidant goodness to you and your family members.  Blueberries are delicious even when you eat them on their own or along with other foods like cereal, pancakes and yogurt. Blueberry cultivation can be a difficult but fulfilling garden experience. […]

How to Plan Your Winter Flower Garden

Bring Colour to Your Garden This Winter Autumn is a great time to prepare your garden for the coming winter months. Your garden does not need to look drab and boring during the cold weather months. Add a dash of colour with some flowering plants that will bring not only a little bit of cheerful colour, but even winter birds that will be attracted to certain flowering plants. Maintaining your […]

How to Build Compost Bins

DIY Nutrient Rich Goodness For Your Garden Building your own compost bin is easy, convenient, and inexpensive. It will help to make your compost cleaner and faster than most simple piles of garden waste. You can make one or more compost bins as you need and if you like you can create your own compost bin for your apartment if having a backyard is not really an option. Getting your composting solution sorted at […]