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How to Make Your Entryway More Grand

Creating a regal space on a budget The entryway or foyer is the first impression that your house gives to your visitors. Since you can never have a second first impression, you want to make this one count. So if you are looking for the best area of your home to refurbish that will make a big difference on a small budget, look no further than the entryway. Because it […]

How to Install a New Door Handle

Check Your Parts In order for you to install a new door handle, you need to carefully plan and determine all the parts that you need to use. You can lay out all the pieces of your door handle to ensure that you know where it all fits in. Make sure to figure out which screw goes to which part of the handle before you start to screw it to […]

How to Seal Your Window and Door at Home

Seal Your Window and Door at home One of the biggest costs in cooling and heating a home is the windows and doors. Most of the air from our climate-control home can escape due to the improperly sealed openings and entrances. If you want your home to be more energy efficient and reduce noise and dust, then sealing you existing windows and doors is the answer. The process of  is relatively straight forward […]

How to Make a Pet Door Hole at Home

Rejoice Pet Lovers! Some of us have so much love for our pets that we are willing to let them stay inside the house, and sleep there during the night. As much as this action is sweet and kind, we have come to realise that our pets need to come and go as they please, whether this be for exercise or daily “business duties”.  That’s where the pet door comes in. Not […]

How to Install a Door Sweep

Keep Out the Winter Chills A door sweep protects your home from drafts during the winter season. A cold draft can be uncomfortable but it also means a higher energy bill as there is extra cost towards heating your home. To save money install a door sweep and create a comfortable and healthy home at the same time. The door sweep can be purchased at any home improvement store and […]